Unity Workshop in Redmond

In case you missed it, the "Dependency Injection Application Block" promised for Enterprise Library 4.0 is now called "Unity". (As an aside, I find it quite interesting how Microsoft's product names have been changing lately - in no time we've moved from names like "Windows Communication Foundation" and "Guidance Automation Extensions" (my fault 🙂 to names like "Silverlight", "Zune" and "Unity"!).

Whatever it's called, I'm sure a lot of you are excited about the prospect of a fully-fledged dependency integration framework in Enterprise Library and the opportunities presented by the combination of dependency and policy injection.

While I'll probably need to wait until Unity hits the streets to get a deep understanding of what it has to offer, if you're able to get to Redmond on 18-19 February 2008 you can get a big head start by participating in the free Unity Extensibility Workshop. Full details on the workshop, including pre-requisites and registration details are available in Grigori's post.

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  1. anonymous says:

    The naming while nice, the change is not made throughout all application blocks. In this case, I really like the "Dependency Injection Application Block" name better.

  2. Dmitty says:

    you guys can call it anything you want as long as it works 🙂

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