Enterprise Library 4.0 Plan Published!

Happy New Year to you all! The Enterprise Library team has started the new year with a bang by publishing their v4.0 product backlog onto CodePlex. As announced previously, the big ticket item is a new Dependency Injection Application Block, but there are a bunch of other goodies on the list, including:

  • Support for and integration into Visual Studio 2008
  • Fixes to various quirks in the Validation and Policy Injection Application Block
  • More extensibility in the Caching Application Block
  • Performance improvements for the Logging Application Block
  • Simpler support for Partial Trust

...and several more. While it's great to see the initial product plan, the great thing about agile projects is that customers (yes, you and me) can impact the plan right up until the release. The best place to provide feedback on the plan is by commenting directly on the Product Backlog page, posting to the Discussions or creating or voting on Issues.

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  1. Lavori in corso per l’Enterprise Library 4.0

  2. It would be fine, if configuration information (e.g. for the caching block) could be put into a dll configuration file instead of the .exe configuration file.

    We have a large project with more than 100 DLLs but only one is doing data base access and using the caching block. Project rules in here state, that configuration a component (DLL) needs must be put in the component specific configuration file.

  3. Peter – you can already do this. Check out the File Configuration Source.


  4. We are expecting some features on WCF.

  5. SirReal says:

    Hello.  Does EL 4.0 take advantage of Framework 3.5?

  6. SirReal says:

    I hear "mid March" for the release (Wikipedia); is this accurate/close?  Thanks.

  7. SirReal says:

    Hello.  I’m trying to use the DAAB QuickStart, but don’t want to have to be bothered with memberships/roles, etc. that seem to be in there (reference to the "machine.config" connection string to attach to that db).  I don’t have Express Ed., but full Dev. Ed. and user instancing isn’t available on Dev. Ed., so I’m trying to figure out how to avoid the ASPNETDB attaching part.  I guess I could just manually load the roles database and just connect to it, but I don’t seem to have that MDF on my system at all (only versions provided by other code samples, but not sure if I can use 1 of these successfully with the QuickStarts).  How can I either produce an empty MDF to manually attach – or, avoid that connection in the QUickStarts?  I think the answer is going to be to look for that code in the QuickStart and didsable it!  Just not sure if that code’s in the QuickStart or EL code.

  8. SirReal says:

    Never mind; already got my EL 4.0 availability answers from Grig, but still struggling with the ASPNETDB thing…

  9. SirReal – The DAAB QuickStart does not use the ASPNETDB database, so I don’t understand your problem. Instead it uses a version of Northwind which you can install by running the SetUpQuickStartsDB.bat script.


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