Dependency Injection coming in EntLib v4

Just a quick note in case you missed Grigori's announcement on the patterns & practices team's plan to focus on Dependency Injection in the upcoming release of Enterprise Library, now apparently known as v4 (not v3.5 as announced previously). If you have any wish lists please provide them directly to Grigori or on the CodePlex site.

My personal vote is to integrate this deeply with the Policy Injection Application Block, allowing for dependency and policy injection in one fell swoop, for example:

IMyService = PolicyAndDependencyInjection.GetMeAFullyConstructedAndPolicyEnabledInstanceOf<IMyService>();

Time will tell if that's what we'll get. But I'm paying a visit to Grigori and the team in Redmond next week, so hopefully I'll get a better picture of what they are planning very soon!

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  1. Enterprise Library 4.0 Tom Hollander&#39;s blog has just release a post about Dependency Injection coming

  2. Damon Carr says:


    This is excellent. I am a long-time (in software terms anyway) user of the Castle Project’s work.

    How would you relate V4 (and I realize you might not be able to say too much) with the current state of Castle?


    Damon Carr, CTO


  3. Nicolaz says:

    It sounds very similar to Spring Framework’s Application Context, doesn’t it?

  4. Damon Carr says:

    I think the important thing is the cmmunity has another alternative. I think this is good for all.


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