EntLib Contrib September 2007 Release

In keeping with the p&p team's tradition of naming a release after the month that's just finished, the September 2007 release of EntLib Contrib is now available! EntLib Contrib is the community-driven open source project for extensions to the patterns & practices Enterprise Library. There are some fantastic new extensions in this release that should provide something for almost all Enterprise Library users. Here's the quick list of everything in this release; for more detailed documentation follow the link above.

  • Data Access Application Block extensions

    • MySql, SqLite and SqlEx providers

  • Exception Handling Application Block extensions

  • Logging Application Block extensions

    • LogParser

  • Policy Injection Application Block extensions

    • PostSharp4EntLib
    • New matching rules: And, Or and Not
    • New call handlers: CursorCallHandler, OneWayCallHandler, SynchronizedCallHandler, ThreadSafeCallHandler, TransactionScopeCallHandler

  • Validation Application Block extensions

    • New validators: CollectionCountValidator, TypeValidator<T>, ObjectValidator<T>, EnumDefinedValidator
    • Designtime enhancements: Lightweight type picker, Test command
    • Other extensions: Default validators, Argument Validation, ExternallyConfigurableObjectValidator

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release - we really appreciate you spending your precious "free" time to share your work with the community. In particular, thanks to Olaf Conijn (does he ever sleep?) for adding several contributions of his own, keeping the codebase clean, dealing with endless MAX_PATH issues, and generally keeping this project running smoothly!

For those of you who are sitting on the sidelines with your own great extensions or ideas for extensions, please contact me or Olaf to get involved with the project. Even if you don't have any extensions of your own, we're also looking out for people to help with testing and documentation, so feel free to put your hand up for that too.

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  1. EntLib Contrib is the community-driven open source project for extensions to the patterns &amp; practices

  2. EntLib Contrib is a community-developed library of extensions to the patterns &amp; practices Enterprise

  3. El Bruno says:

    Buenas hace un tiempo posteaba sobre este nuevo programa de Microsoft Patterns and Practices , donde

  4. This morning I woke up to Tom&#39;s announcement on the new EntLib Contrib release. No big surprises

  5. I’d like to invite current users of EntLib to check out the recent EntLib Contrib release – it’s worth

  6. Congratulations, Tom, Olaf and everyone who contributed to this release!

  7. Is the work Dave Hayden has done on Repository and the tools included in this update?

  8. Sam – no it’s not. I haven’t looked at it too closely but I’m not sure it’s really an "EntLib extension" – it looks more like an applied use of EntLib for a different scenario. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t see that as the goal of EntLibContrib.


  9. A few weeks ago, Tom announced that the folks over in Entlib contrib have shipped a new release . That’s

  10. AndyH says:


    I’m on the fence w/GAT and GAX right now.  With decades of experience in this industry, I’m think whoever is in charge of GAT and GAX is putting the cart before the horse.  The forced pattern implementation of WCF, WCSF, etc (yeah, just what we need, another Microsoft acronym, that is built on TOP of yet another acronym (GAT), which is yet built on top of ANOTHER Microsoft acronym (EntLib)).  NOT!

    While I can definitely see the opportunity presented w/GAT and GAX, and w/EntLib, what you should be open-sourcing and getting ‘out there’, is not specific implementations for services, etc, but more recipes.  More actions.  More templates!  

    I firmly believe that Microsoft is putting the cart before the house in this releasing of WCF and WCSF and all these other enforced sets of patterns on the community.  We won’t just adopt your pattern suggestions!  In the real world, people use many other things besides LINQ (another disaster waiting to happen IMO).  We use the Provider Pattern (see DotNetNuke and why that framework is so popular) for Data.  We loosely couple w/other means.

    So IMO, if you want P&P to be truly successful, someone there will look over the wall, see that OVER A YEAR INTO GAT and GAX, it ‘isn’t working!’, and will see that the road to acceptance is to focus on the patterns in the EntLib, focus on the recipes and making GAT and GAX easier to use (like, get rid of the stupid registration/deregistration crap.  Why do we architects have to see that?  Hide it!  When we want to *run* the GAT, you know this, correct?  So unload and load for us in the background.  That’s a nightmare and a whole discussion in itself! Ack), and let us architects worry about how the patterns should work together.  

    Heck, you want to suggest an architecture?  That’s great.  BUT GET GAT AND GAX AND ENTLIB out there first!!!!  You are most definitely not accomplishing this as yet, based on the page views on Codeplex, based on the obvious lack of recipes and actions and templates available.  I mean, geez, it took someone a year to figure out that SEPARATING the Data Repository might be a good idea?  And this is ALL you have to offer in the Data Repository?  It can’t possibly come close to competing w/MyGeneration or CodeSmith, and all applications are built on objects based on data and patterns.  

    I really want this to succeed, but the fact remains that for ONE year of work, GAT and GAX is like a ‘tree falling in the forest’ (for those int’l folks, that’s an adage…that ends with ‘if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?’).

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