Welcome Andrew Delin to patterns & practices

I was getting a little worried about losing all of the Aussies in p&p, first with Jason leaving and then me. However I'm pleased to report that a new Aussie has joined the team: Andrew Delin is the new product manager for the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), which is essentially Microsoft's guidance on how to organise teams using Visual Studio Team System for success. To those on the inside, this news is a little old, but now Andrew is blogging I thought it was a good time to introduce everyone to him.

Andrew has been at Microsoft a long time, previously working for Microsoft Services out of the Adelaide office. He's been involved in using and training customers on MSF as long as I've known him, and I'm sure he'll do a fantastic job at evolving MSF to make it even better in the future. If you're using VSTS and have an interest in team processes, you should definitely start monitoring Andrew's blog. For example, his latest post Fragile Agile is asking for feedback on your experiences in using the MSF Agile process template. I know lots of you have an opinion on these kinds of topics, so please provide your thoughts and set him to work!

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  1. WebGk.com says:

    A big hand to Andrew Delin. Welcome aboard.

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