Inoffensive music offends me greatly

OK I've been in the Qantas Club lounge far too long now, and before I board my plane I have just one comment: the so-called "inoffensive" music they are playing here (mainly easy-listening ballads from the '90s) offends me greatly. Playing such music in public should be banned.

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  1. Pete S says:

    Tom you’re getting old. (and so am I)

    There is a myriad of offensive public music. Just to start:

    Why can’t you buy half-trendy clothes without listening to dance music?

    Why can’t you go to a trendy inner city bar and hear the person next to you?

    Why do you have to listen to Billy Joel, Dire Straits and the crew from the ’80s every second time you go into a supermarket?

    There needs to be some kind of coalition formed to reduce the amount of public music.

  2. Actually I think the problem is that I’m not old enough 🙂

    My complaint here isn’t so much that some people play music that I don’t like – I can’t expect everyone to have musical taste as good as me 😉

    But in this place they were playing music that was so absolutely piss-weak, you can tell that they were thinking that it couldn’t possibly offend anyone. And that, precisely, is what I found so painful. I think any genre of music (even one i don’t like) done with any amount of conviction would have been preferable to the crap they were playing…

  3. Ahh, come on man! Let us listen to our 90s elevator pop in peace. We have rights too.

    Music is cyclical, you’ll be begging me for my Yes Said Fred and Proclaimers cassette tapes before you know it.

    Ok, I’m off to buy the latest Lionel Richie LP.


  4. vbl says:

    Well a friend of mine is the one who puts the compilation together for Qantas, and has specs was easy listing, I remember him moaning about the limits of what he was allowed.

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