Tech.Ed, here I come!

To continue my recent tradition of attending Tech.Ed in a different region every year, this year I'll be playing on home soil at Tech.Ed Australia (on the Gold Coast, 7-10 August) and Tech.Ed New Zealand (in Auckland, 13-15 August). I'll be presenting on the following relatively predictable (but hopefully informative and entertaining) topics:

ARC307 : Enterprise Library 3.1
The patterns & practices Enterprise Library has been significantly updated this year with a new Validation Application Block, Policy Injection Application Bock, Application Block Software Factory and WCF integration. Join Tom Hollander, who was the Product Manager for Enterprise Library, for a detailed tour of all of the new features in this release.

ARC308 : Software Factories
Software Factories are a new way of packaging product-specific architectural guidance, integrating code generation, domain-specific languages, reference implementations and documentation into the development environment. Tom Hollander, formerly of the patterns & practices team, will describe the motivations behind software factories, current implementations and future directions.

In addition to the sessions, I'll be hanging out in the exhibition areas for much of the event, or anywhere else where cold beer and good food is served. If you're planning on heading to Tech.Ed in either location, please drop by and say hello!

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  1. Software Factories across the globe part 1

  2. This post is a step by step guide on how to write a custom validator using Application Block Software Factory and integrate it in the configuration editor of Enterprise Library.

    Guy Burstein

  3. Rob says:


    Thanks for your presentation at Tech.Ed Australia.  The Tech.Ed DVDs provided do not seem to contain your presentation on Enterprise Library 3.1.

    Is there somewhere else that I can obtain the presentation?  The PowerPoint presentation would suffice if there is no video available.



  4. Hi Rob –

    The deck I presented at TechEd was essentially a cut-down version of the one you can download from I cut it down since I replaced some of the wordy slides with demos, but the full deck may be a better reference after the presentation. If you’d like the exact TechEd deck, drop me a mail and I’ll send it to you.


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