Enterprise Library 3.1 is released

Those with a keen eye may have already discovered the 3.1 release out in the wild, first inside the new Smart Client Software Factory release, and in the last couple of days the complete MSI has been available if you searched through the MSDN download centre. But now the final pieces have come together, and the release is there for everyone to discover and download from http://msdn.microsoft.com/entlib. As mentioned in my last post, this is basically a bug fix release, so while it's not the most exciting new version hopefully it will make your lives a little easier. Thanks to the team back in Redmond for making this happen.

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    Yaaay! 3.1 is out.

    3.11 is EntLib for workgroups?

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  3. David Edwards says:

    Why is it necessary to uninstall EL 3.0??? This gives major problems in an enterprise-wide shared platform environment where we have software built over time running against different EL versions.

    Is this a practice you are going to get out of for future releases? If not then the usefulness of EL will be compromised.

  4. Scott Wylie says:

    I would agree that if this is just a bug fix release the installer should over write existing versions.  This is a major pain for large developer machine installations.

  5. hardly related, but do you know: Was it a design decision for SCSF to be winforms based with wpf smart parts or just lack of time to integrate a wpf shell with winform smart parts?

  6. Sorry guys – unfortuantely SxS support was too complex for the amount of time we had budgeted, mainly due to the guidance packages and VSIP plug-ins which are not very SxS friendly. Still while you can only have one version of the MSI installed at once, you can have both copies of the source and binaries on your machine at once.

    James – you should ask this question on the Smart Client CodePlex site.


  7. Peter Kneale says:

    Can you please suggest any hosting providers that provide shared hosting that either have enterprise library available or support the use of enterprise library. I have had a fair bit of trouble with previous versions – although i understand its not its intended use – its an enterprise product and does well in an enterprise environment, i just want to use it personally as well on a cheap shared host.

    Thanks for your time.

    Peter Kneale

  8. GMariakis says:

    >>3.11 is EntLib for workgroups?

    Now that’s funny.


  9. Enterprise Library 3.1 is released!

  10. Eric says:

    Does Enterprise Library 3.1 Supply interfaces

    to Access Mysql ,Sybase?

  11. Greg says:

    Why are the Oracle cursors STILL hard coded?  Can you please put in the solution by Rob Edwards so that we can use existing procedures that have cursor names different than cur_OUT plus have the procedure return multiple curosrs?  If there is already is a fix for this, can you please post a link for it?

  12. Jay says:


    I found – Application Block Software Factory Guidance Package in one presentation.

    I installed Enterprise Library 3.1. I got all quick starts but could not find anything about this guidance package. I already have Web Client Software Factory guidance package and i can create individual guidance package too. But why am i not able to see Application Block Software Factory in my Guidance Package queue? What am i missing?

    Please guide.  

  13. Hi Jay –

    The only thing I can think of now is that you may be missing some prerequisites – either GAX February 2007 CTP, or .NET 3.0, both of which are needed for the ABSF.

    Let me know how you go.


  14. I have had my share of struggle when trying to install Ent. Lib 3.0 and getting Application block Software

  15. Hi Tom,

    Today i was playing with the new EntLib 3.1 Application Block Software Factory, and i’m really impressed with the generated code. It makes life easy for developers who wants to write high quality code.

  16. Richard says:

    Why is Windows 2000 not in the list of supported Operating Systems?

    Is that because of .Net 3.0 features that are included?

    I am trying to make a choice between EntLiv 3.1 or log4net for enterprise logging requirements.

  17. Hi Richard –

    Windows 2000 is not listed as supported, since the OS is no longer supported by Microsoft and as such we didn’t include it in our test matrix. In all likelihood it will work (other than the .NET 3.0 bits), however since we didn’t test it you should do some testing yourself.


  18. Mark says:


    Do you know whether I can use the newly released DAAB update for SQL Server Compact Edition assembly to access .sdf files on a Windows Mobile 5 device?

    Are there any example .sln project files demonstrating this?

    I just starting playing with "Enterprise Library 3.1 – May 2007" because of the Sql Server Compact Edition support, but ran into issues when trying to run my app on my Dell Axim X50 (Windows Mobile 5). It seems the SqlCeDatabase project references desktop .NET assemblies (System.dll, System.XML.dll, System.Data.dll) located and not the CE based ones. When I run my app on the pocket pc, I get the following error:

    An unhandled exception of type ‘System.TypeLoadException’ occurred in MobileDesignRepository.exe

    Additional information: Could not load type ‘Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data.SqlCe.SqlCeDatabase’ from assembly ‘Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data.SqlCe, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=DFE7C825CCFDFC7D’.

    Also, DAAB SqlCe uses the desktop ‘DataSet’ class and not the CE one. Is it really only meant to access .sdf files from the desktop?

    Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this?

    Thanks a bunch,


  19. Bill White says:

    We are upgrading our application from the old Applicationblocks caching  in .net 1.1 to the new Enterprise Library caching for .net 2.0

    When the application starts, it gets the following exception while trying to retrieve the default cache manager:

    [screenshot of unhandled null reference exception, available in word doc]

    It appears that it is not reading the app.config file in the application root folder:

    [screenshot of app.config file, available in word doc]

    I’m certain I must be missing something obvious, but so far I’ve been unable to find how to be sure the cache manager reads the configuration data so that it is initialized properly.

    Please copy any reply/question to bwhite@ironspeed.com so that I receive it in a timely manner.

  20. Brad says:

    I downloaded the EntLib 3.1 and ran the installer. I added the data access block DLLs from the installation to my project. The Common and Data DLLs did not have strong names as documented. The ObjectBuilder did have a strong name. I thought all the DLLs had strong names. Did I miss something?


  21. Brad says:

    OK. I got it. Didn’t realize the EntLib came with 2 installations that ended up at: c:Program FileMicrosoft Enterprise Library 3.1 – May 2007 and d:EntLib3Src (at least that’s how I have them installed). The Program Files installation has strong named assemblies whereas the EntLib3Src does not.


  22. Bill White says:

    I created a new application, followed the caching

    quickstart example, and the example still won’t

    run, because trying to create the cache manager,

    it does not use the app.config file to define

    the default cache manager.

    What do I do to make the library functions find

    the .config file?

  23. Bill White says:

    I knew it had to be something simple. The config

    file has to be included in the project.

    Hope this keeps someone else from making the

    same silly mistake.

    — Bill

  24. Bill White says:

    I knew it had to be something simple. The config

    file has to be included in the project.

    Hope this keeps someone else from making the

    same silly mistake.

    — Bill

  25. Luis Vega says:

    I download Enterprise Library 3.1, but I need used ODP.net with Application Block Data. This version supper ODP.net, or I need to do wrapper of Application Block DATA.

  26. Yurŭ says:

    Can’t download cause can’t register windows live id – We’re unable to complete your request

    Windows Live ID is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.

    Could anyone tell an alternate link?

  27. David says:

    Great work, again!!!  Is it possible for a release that installs and registers the Enterprise Library in the GAC or some step by step instructions on how to do so?  This might already exist, I am just not looking in the right place.

  28. Peter says:

    What are the pros and cons in using the Data Access Application Block of Enterprise Library 3.1 comparing to using tableadapater directly or dataadapter in VS2005?  Is there a MSDN forum for Enterprise Library?

  29. Claudia says:

    Hi there,

    just installed the 3.1 from May to fix the problem with the validator. Took me some time to get rid of the old version and update all references. Unfortunately the bug is the same as before. What is the trick? Thanks a lot for any idea, I am lost….


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