"Enterprise Library 3.0 – What’s New?" Webcast on tomorrow, March 27th

We're currently putting the final coat of polish onto Enterprise Library 3.0, and we should have the release out the door right at the start of April. But we wanted to get a head start on the launch party with our first EntLib 3.0 webcast, which is on tomorrow, March 27th at 10am PDT / 17:00 UTC. In this presentation, Ed and I will give an overview of all of the cool new features in this release, including the Validation Application Block, Policy Injection Application Block, Application Block Software Factory and more.

If the webcast is on at a convenient time for you, please register now to watch it live. The best thing about watching it live is you can ask questions in real time using Live Meeting. If the time doesn't work out, don't stress - as is always the case you'll be able to watch on-demand from the next day onwards. When we release Enterprise Library 3.0 we'll make the Powerpoint presentation from the webcast available on MSDN, should you wish to present the same content in your organization or user group.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Peter Kneale says:

    The Application Block Software Factory is great, cant wait for a bit more documentation on it though. The links to the documentation didnt seem to work in the Feb release. A few samples wouldnt go astray either. I was thinking of just CarEngineProvider type samples which require no other technology knowledge assumptions and just let us focus on getting our heads around the various classes involved in this. Is there much of this sort of thing in the 3.0 release?

  2. Peter Kneale says:

    Ohh – and great work getting something like this into production spot on your release date – its great having access to all the CTP releases too. These definately help developers / architects get a broard feel for a toolset prior to its release.

  3. Take notice , there’s an Enterprise Library 3.0 Webcast on March 27 at 10am PDT / 17:00 UTC . So due

  4. Al Zee says:

    Roughly whats made it into the CTP? It’d make it more interesting to watch than not to know…

  5. Please put enterprise libary 3.0 features in your blog. Can enterprise lirbary 3.0 work with .net framework 2.0???

  6. Hi Jalpesh –

    All of the key features have already been described here in previous posts. Here’s a quick summary:

    • New application blocks
    • Validation Application Block
    • Policy Injection Application Block
  7. Improvements to existing application blocks
    • Data Access Application Block
    •   SQL CE support, TransactionScope integraton
  8. Logging Application Block
    •   Rolling Flat File Trace Listener
  9. .NET Framework 3.0 integration
    • WCF integration in Logging, Exception Handling and Validation Application Blocks
  10. Configuration improvements
    • Visual Studio-integrated configuration tool
    • Environmental Overrides
    • Manageable Configuration Source
  11. Automation
    • Application Block Software Factory
    • Strong Naming Guidance Package
  • Forgot to answer the other question. EntLib 3.0 can be used with .NET Framework 2.0. There are just a few features that require .NET Framework 3.0, such as the WCF integration and the Application Block Software Factory.

  • Thanks Tom.

    I will surely go thorugh this.

  • qiang says:

    Greate webcast. Thank you. Where can I find the code in the webcast?



  • John Hartwig says:

    I noticed the statement "the release out the door right at the start of April".  Has a firm date been committed to yet?

  • Qiang – the presentation from the webcast will be made available to download at the same time as the Enterprise Library 3.0 release.

    John – Real Soon Now 🙂

  • Kris says:


    Can any one tell me where can find  "Enterprise Library 3.0 available for download ?

  • abc says:

    @kris http://www.codeplex.com/entlib (CTP-Release), the RTM is probably coming soon.

  • hi,from where i can download latest version of EAB.

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