Just Released: Enterprise Library 3.0 February 2007 CTP

OK, I know the sun has already set on February in some parts of the world, but over here it's still well and truly the 28th so I have no regrets in announcing the availability of the February 2007 CTP of Enterprise Library 3.0. (If only I could say the same thing about the February 2007 CTP of GAT/GAX :-S). This is the last CTP before the official release of Enterprise Library 3.0, which is expected around a month from now.

As mentioned in a previous post, the most exciting change in this CTP is the first preview of the Policy Injection Application Block. While the core of this new block is relatively complete and stable, I want to warn you now that the block is still far from complete and it will take a bit of patience to make sense of it at the moment. Most significantly, there is no configuration tool support yet, and several of the handlers are missing or incomplete. Still, we'd love to get your feedback on what we've done so far, and we'll be writing up a number of blog posts over the next couple of weeks to make it easier to get the preview block up and running.

The good news is that we've hit "release candidate" quality for all of the other blocks in the library. This means we are feature complete and are not aware of any significant bugs. We do have some more testing planned and time to fix any newly discovered issues, so if you find any issues with any of the blocks or QuickStarts, please report them using the Issue Tracker tool. This CTP also includes integrated documentation, which is near complete but there are a few areas where we still have a bit of work to do.

Other than the PIAB, there are not a lot of brand new features in the February 2007 CTP that were not in the January 2007 CTP - mostly we've been fixing bugs and dealing with "fit and finish". Still we did sneak a few more things in, including:

  • Environmental Overrides in the configuration tool
  • Manageability Extensions merged into the core codebase
  • Rationalization of the Validators included in the Validation Application Block
  • WCF integration adapter for the Validation Application Block
  • Improved Validation QuickStarts
  • Fixes to the Rolling Flat File Trace Listener

We hope you're as excited about the imminent final release as we are, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the CTP as we head towards the finishing line.

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  1. What an exciting week! Just one day after the release of Visual Studio "Orcas" March CTP, there is a

  2. deman says:

    I still can’t fully get how to effectively use enterprise library. Any good tutorial/guide to learn this thing?

  3. Insane World says:

    The February 2007 CTP of Enterprise Library 3.0 has been released, according to Tom Hollander this is

  4. Dennis' Blog says:

    What a week! Both the new Visual Studio "Orcas" and Enterprise Library 3.0 CTPs are released. Enterprise

  5. The new CTP of EntLib 3.0 is out since yesterday. See the Tom Hollander’s blog. The final release will

  6. Reminder: On Microsoft’s calendar TechDays 2007 TechDays will consist of free, interactive sessions that

  7. Wow Tom,

    I am always surprised and impressed with how "on-the-ball" you guys are over there in P&P.  I just talked to a Microsoft TFS/VSTS rep regarding further integration of you guys into Orcas/Rosario.  He didn’t give me much hope, but was really surprised that there isn’t more movement in that direction.  Anyways, congrats on the CTP, and I can’t wait to see the Release!



  8. Цікавий сьогодні день, на новинки… 1) Enterprise Library 3.0 February 2007 CTP . Останній CTP до релізу.

  9. CoqBlog says:

    Et voici la trosième CTP de l’EntLib 3. Ne me regardez pas comme ça, Tom Hollander l’a annoncée le 28,

  10. John Askew says:

    I am unable to install Feb CTP:

    "Could not load file or assembly ‘Mvp.Xml, Version=2.0.2158.1005"

    then another error on rolling back action:

    "Could not find file ‘C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8Common7IDEPublicAssembliesMicrosoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.StrongNamingGuidancePackageInstaller.InstallState’.

    I have the Jan2006 version and the June 2006 GAX/GAT & SCSF bits installed, as well as other software factories.

    I found and downloaded project Mvp.Xml, and have version 2.2 of the .dll but cannot figure out how to install Ent Lib Feb 2007 CTP.

    Thanks for your help, JohnAskew@aol.com

  11. Hi Tom & p&p,

    I’m glad to announce the availability of PostSharp Bindings for Enterprise Library (PostSharp4EntLib), which combines the benefits of compile-time weaving and of the Enterprise Library.

    The major benefit is that policies can be injected in any method. It makes it possible to use the Policy Injection block even on classes that are not MarshalByRefObject and that do not expose their semantics on an interface.

    The complete annoucement is on my blog:




  12. John Askew says:

    Tom, thanks for the email. I reinstalled (repaired) both GAX and GAT July versions and the install went without problem.

    I did manually place the Mvp.Xml file in the VS PublicAssemblies directory, as you suggested, and it was not overwritten by the GAX or GAT installs — so I’m not sure what that means… Thanks again for your proactive responce, I value that and your team’s products.

  13. Tom, great job on the release. I just posted a thread on CodePlex about an installation issue I’m running into. I keep getting:

    "An error occurred creating the configuration section handler for dataConfiguration: Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ or one of its dependencies. The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)"

    Any ideas?


    In response to deman: When you download the entlib package, there are some quickstarts you can take a look at to see each piece. You may also want to contact your local User Group or attend a MSDN seminar to find out more.

  14. Peter Kneale says:

    I previous installed the January CTP, i removed that and installed the February CTP and the Application Block Software Factory installer is complaining "A package with the name Custom Application Block Software Factory already exists…."

    I’m guessing the previous version isnt completely removed – how do i go about finding the package that its refeering to?

  15. Sorry about that Peter. If all else fails, you can forcedly remove guidance packages as described at http://blogs.msdn.com/tomholl/archive/2006/06/24/645882.aspx#648815


  16. Chirag Darji says:

    Thanks for gr8 update !!!

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