patterns & practices on Channel 9

A few months ago, Peter and Ed took the Channel 9 audience through a guided tour of our shiny new work environment. Our team does have (as far as I know) the coolest work environment on the Redmond campus, so hopefully it was an interesting video - but unfortunately it didn't really address the question of who we are and what we do.

It seems that Ed and Peter must have done something right, because they were invited back to do another video spot for the niners, and this time they got the chance to provide a lot more detail on the past, present and future of the patterns & practices team. Hopefully we're visible enough on the blogs, forums and events to give most of you a pretty good idea of what we're about, but still this video should provide another interesting perspective on the team and culture.

The new video is available here. BTW in case you're wondering, I wasn't in the EntLib team room when the cameras came around, but you can kind of see me at 45:30 minutes into the video, in my office talking to Mani (one of our testers) about how the TransactionScope stuff is meant to work 🙂

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