I’m It!

Alas, the game of Blog-Tag has finally found me (thanks Jezz and Olaf!). Now that I'm tagged, I need to reveal five things about me that most people don't know, and then tag five more people. So here goes:

  1. I was born in Woden Valley Hospital in Canberra, Australia exactly 7 days after my now-wife Paula was born at the same hospital - in fact she was still there when I was born. And despite living within 5km of each other throughout our childhood, we only met once we started university.
  2. After getting hooked on Visual Basic 1.0, at one stage I had a modest portfolio of shareware applications available on the Mosaic-era Internet.
  3. Probably because I've always been completely incompetent at sport, I've been involved in music for most of my life (at some times more than others). While my main instrument has been the piano, I've also played euphonium, trombone, drums, viola and percussion in various bands and orchestras.
  4. While I don't get too much time for music these days, I've actually got a gig next week as a part of the local Avanade band at their regional get-together in San Diego 🙂
  5. Despite the questionable legal status of the product in this country, I still have Vegemite on toast for breakfast around 3 times a week.

So to keep us all amused for at least a few more days, I hereby tag Ed, Graham, Serena, Pablo and Beat (all of whom happen to live on different continents! 🙂

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  1. Vegemite! I had almost forgotten that 🙂 I studied in Sydney in my "youth" and everybody was eating this thing for breakfast. You have to be an aussie or a kiwi to dig this product! I vote for brown cheese http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_cheese

  2. OK – now I’m it – in this fascinating game of blog-tag via Tom Hollander . I like this game – You need

  3. Tom and Dave tagged me, so here are some facsinating (???) facts I grew up in Perth where I went to highschool

  4. I’ve been tagged by Pablo, so here goes five things about me that most people don’t know:

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