DSL and GAT: Together at last (sort of)

Combining automated guidance and Domain-Specific Languages is one of the key themes for the next-generation software factory platform that we're currently working on. Currently, these concepts are supported in separate deliverables, namely the Guidance Automation Toolkit and DSL Tools. While it will be some time before we integrate these technologies into a single software factory platform, it is in fact possible to build your own factories today using a combination of GAT and DSL Tools. Victor Garcia Aprea and Mauro Regio have taken some of the mystery out of this process via a new whitepaper with the descriptive (if not catchy) title of Guidance Automation Toolkit and Domain-Specific Language Tools for Visual Studio 2005: Integration Scenarios. If you are currently building factories or considering doing so in the future, this is something you may want to check out.

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