How sausage is made: a look inside the p&p offices

Ever wanted to see how the patterns & practices team works and where we live? Even if you're a long way from Redmond, you can now get a glimpse of this by checking out a cool new video on Channel 9 where Peter Provost and Ed Jezierski show the Channel 9 team around our space. If you think one team's office is the same as any other, you'll be in for a surprise - a few months ago our team had a brand new work environment built that is unique even within Microsoft, custom-built for the way we work. Come on in and say hello!

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  1. Mike Liddell says:

    very cool.  Nice space, and some good thinking has gone into the planning.  You seem to have addressed the various needs of a workplace nicely.  

    Another concept that gets tried from time to time is the "spontaneous hallway meeting space" for those times when people from different groups just get chatting and want to collaborate immediately without disrupting other people, or booking a space.  Eg whiteboards near the coffe machine, or breakout spaces that aren’t as secluded as the escape pods.  Do you guys have that as well?

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  3. Mike – the "escape pods" are often used for this purpose, as are some of the multi-person offices (which generally aren’t fully occupied since people are out working in other spaces). We also have the lounge space near the big plasma TV where much of the interview took place. This space ajoins one of the team rooms and there is a big whiteboard space on the back of the doors (where the "don’t feed the developers" message is written).

    In fact, you can write on practically every vertical surface in the area. Given we are a team full of geeky architect types (regardless of job title) who love to draw crazy diagrams, this is one of the coolest features of the space in my view.


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