Windows Live Local comes to Australia

This is very cool - Windows Live Local (aka Virtual Earth) has finally been launched in Australia, with detailed street data, aerial photography of many cities, address and business searches and directions. Find out more on the WLL Blog - and be sure to check out the awesome Collections samples!

While many countries have been well served by some excellent mapping sites for some time, Australia had been left out in the cold. For a long time the only mapping site was the dreadful with its postage-stamp sized maps. About a year ago MSN Maps & Directions rolled out some pretty good maps (but with none of the snazzy "Web 2.0" features), and a couple of months ago Google expanded their maps coverage to Australia, but neglected to include most of the features that make the site useful, such as address searches.

So congratualtions to the WLL team for their launch, and for realizing there is intelligent life outside of the United States!

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  1. Harley says:

    Of course there’s intelligent life outside the US, but in Australia? 😉

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