Service Factory: May CTP and a new blogcast

Just a quick note to let you know that the May Community Preview of the Web Service Software Factory is now available to download from

Highlights of this release include (with apologies to Jason for stealing his write-up 🙂

  • Updates to our base WCF guidance package based on your feedback

  • An entire guidance package dedicated to securing your services using

    • X.509 certificates

    • Kerberos

    • Direct authentication using Windows, ADAM, or SQL

    • A MEX based policy generator to help you secure your client applications

    • A partially complete Interop configurator to help you apply security policy based on your interop requirements

  • Improved documentation including:

    • A Service Factory navigator to help you navigate the documentation and the Service Factory

    • Extensive documentation to support the security guidance package

    • Documentation for customizing your own guidance packages

  • A new reference implementation

    • Based on feedback from our community we have applied a slightly different combination of patterns. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Also, to coincide with the new release, Don has put together another video blogcast demonstrating how to make changes to the guidance package so it better meets the needs of your organization or project.


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