A new journey for Brian Button

Brian Button has just announced that he's accepted a new role with Asynchrony Solutions as Vice President of Engineering. While Brian's departure will be a sad loss for the p&p team, this will be a great career move for him. Even more importantly, it will allow him to spend more time with his family in St Louis, as opposed to his current arrangement of commuting to Redmond most weeks.

Brian has been working on back-to-back contracts in our team for about 2.5 years (longer than I've been here) and he's made a huge difference to both our deliverables and our team culture. Brian has helped us enormously with embracing and adopting agile processes, he's played a huge role in the quality of the code we've shipped in Enterprise Library and other projects, and he's gone far beyond expectations in his participation in the community, both online and at events.

Thanks for everything Brian - it's been great working with you and we wish you the best in your new role!

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