Some bloody cool Enterprise Library v2 Extensions

Sorry I'm a bit late to the party here - but better late than never! There are a couple of really cool community extensions to the Enterprise Library configuration tool that should be of interest to a lot of you.

First, Olaf Conijn has updated his way-cool Environmental Overrides plug-in for the new .NET 2.0 release of Enterprise Library. (Update: The threads of the universe are converging, and Olaf has updated his extensions to work with Colin's Integration Pack listed below.) Since a picture tells 2^10 words, take a look:

Not to be outdone, Colin Coller has just released his Avanade Integration Pack for Enterprise Library which finally addresses our elusive goal of integrating the config tool into Visual Studio - we'd planned this for the last 3 versions but it keeps on getting cut. So thanks to Colin for his efforts in filling this hole and sharing with the community!

And finally, some late breaking news ;-). Alois Kraus has put together an extension that addresses an annoying problem in v2 whereby the tool needs to be able to locate the assemblies for all block plug-in types in order to load the configuration (we tried really hard to avoid this problem without luck - I'll explain why in another posting). Great work Alois!

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  1. Alois Kraus says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am not sure if it is good enough to mention it. I have created a configurable Assembly Loader for the Entlib Config tool to make App.Config editing easier.


     Alois Kraus

  2. Hey Alois – yes this qualifies as "bloody cool" in my book – I just didn’t know about it yet! I updated the post to give you some more exposure…

  3. Jay says:

    It seems Colin Coller has pulled the link to the Avanade Integration Pack for Enterprise Library.

    "UPDATE: Download temporarily disabled while we resolve some issues on our side."

    from the colinco site.

    Cool Tools for the others

  4. just like Alois im not sure if it is good enough to mention but we have release the  DataTierGenerator for Enterprise Library 2.0 for C# and VB.NET


  5. Can Erten says:

    Great work. Thanks. It is definetely needed.

  6. Alois Kraus says:

    Thanks for the credits Tom. I hope this addon will make live even easier.


     Alois Kraus

  7. Thanks Haaron – the Data Tier Generator is indeed cool as well – but is there really an Enterprise Library 2.0 version? The releases on the site appear to be for the 1.1 release (or am I suffering from domestic blindness?)


  8. Your are right, sorry i was confused to, but know you can download the DataTierGenerator for Enterprise Library 2.0 Edition here.  


  9. Gil Yehuda says:


    The DataTierGenerator code you released on GDN happens to be tagged with a GPL license.  This /could/ pose a problem for EntLib users, since EntLib’s EULA forbids distribution with GPL code (implicitly).

    Perhaps it’s not a problem if the code is not compiled together — but I just wanted to let you know of the question.

  10. EasyObjects.NET 2.0 has also been released as a Technical Preview.

  11. What do I mean by DRY? Don’t Repeat Yourself. Do you often times find yourself repeating the same code…

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