Enterprise Library Extensions for .NET 2.0 release

Olaf is at it again. This time he's building a comprehensive set of Enterprise Library Extensions that plug into the new .NET 2.0 (January 2006) release - his first drop includes:

  • Configuration Constants Writer
  • Configuration Protector
  • Password Parameter

Plus he tells me he's working on a bunch of new tricks, including the much coveted Environmental Overrides plug-in. I haven't downloaded it yet but from the screenshots it looks very cool.

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  1. CoqBlog says:

    Je viens de tomber sur un post de Tom Hollander parlant d’extensions pour l’Enterprise Library pour le…

  2. wicks says:

    Microsoft Best Practices Maybe.

    But you guys forgot some industry best practices:

    1) Moving ahead

    1.1) It is best practice to phase out functionality with new releases of a library in order to facilitate better ways of doing stuff.

    1.2) It is not best practice to simply drop methods and whole classes from libraries.

    Conclusion when phasing out interfaces and methodology instead of dropping methods and classes the previous interface should continue to be supported for at least one major release. Compiler warnings "This function has been depreciated please use Blah instead" is fine but simply dropping entire classes and methods ???

    For a good example of how this is done you could reffer to how PHP progressed from 3.x to 4.x to 5.x

    June 2005 to January 2006

    Configuration Block is simply dropped and there is no mention of syntax changes between small but significant configuration requirements changes for other application blocks.

    One example: Not only is the DBCommandWrapper class simply dropped The DAAB confuration in 2006 it also expects that the conceptual name of each database configuration is the name of the connectionstring. This is significantly different from DAAB June 2005. There is absolutely no mention of this anywhere. Figuring this out requires tracing through a hundred calls to BuildUp(blah).

    Reading the documentation I came across this:

    For a description of how to migrate your existing configuration information for use with Enterprise Library – January 2006, see Migration Information.

    So I refered to that page which essentially has two paragraphs which basically say refer back to the page which I was reading in the first place.


    Enterprise Library appears to be nothing more than a beta test program for testing out new development ideas to be integrated into the dot net platform. This is significantly different from the title "Microsoft Best Practices – Enterprise Library"

    Anyways just my two cents.

    Good luck and have fun.

  3. CoqBlog says:

    Je viens de tomber sur un post de Tom Hollander parlant d’extensions pour l’ Enterprise Library pour

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