It’s the Final Countdown!

(da-da-da DUM. da-da da-da-daa...)

Since I've already used up my one "get out of jail free" card after earlier setting expectations that we'd have Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 out in December, I know many of you are sharpening your pitchforks and lighting your torches in case I back down on the "mid January" promise.

But alas it will all be in vain - because I'm pleased to announce that (barring any disaster on the scale of Mount Rainier erupting) we will have the new Enterprise Library in your hands by the end of the week. I could tell you which day, but that would ruin the surprise 🙂 You can look at this as either an example of the Unexpected Hanging paradox, or as an example of me covering my arse... the choice is yours!

Either way, we're really looking forward to getting this great release to you... and soon!

Update: For those who came in late, we have finally shipped! Thanks to everybody for their patience!

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  1. Fan-bluddy-tastic News !!!

    Can’t wait… well i can really … but that doesn’t mean i am not exciting and pleased for you all…

  2. Chicken Feed, Chicken Feed says:

    Rad, bro.

    Any news on the User Interface Process Application Block for web apps? I’ve seen you mention once or twice that it’s planned but I don’t think there’s been anything about what it might include. Will help one implement MVC properly using a front controller? Or maybe something to make unit testing possible?


  3. Bryant Likes says:

    Great! I’m looking forward to upgrading when this comes out!

  4. Tom,

    I always enjoy a good 80’s rock reference ( Looking forward with great anticipation to the new release!

  5. Liang says:

    I’ll hold my breath tight until the counting clock stops–no matter how long it would take:-)—-great news to us!!!

  6. James Curran says:

    OK, while we are on the topic of musical references…. What are those opening note to? I’ve eliminated the Dragnet theme, but to my tone-deaf ear they could be either "Also Sprach Zarthustra" (2001 theme) or Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

  7. Nicolas Moreau says:


    However, I was surprised not to see any storage provider for Registry. The class RegistryStorageProvider and associated watcher is gone.

    Will it be the same in final Build ?

    If so, what was the motivation for that ?

    Thanks for your great Job.

  8. James: LOL – I guess it is ambiguous. I’d have written out a full musical chart if HTML markup allowed it. It’s supposed to be the synthesizer riff in the bad 80’s song that Matthew linked to.

    Nicolas: No we won’t have a registry config provider available at launch. The reason is timing – we had to completely rewrite the configuration system for .NET 2.0 and we didn’t get to include this. However we wanted to make sure that the configuration sources were extensible out of the box, which is why we ship a SQL config source quickstart. We may be able to ship a registry implementation as a separate extension (like we did in v1) or maybe someone in the community will beat us to it 🙂


  9. Cesar says:

    Please! Please include an updated lab tutorial for this release. My team would really like to get started with Enterprise Library 2.0, but we need more than just a "Quickstart" project, a lab tutorial will be so much appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Cesar – never fear, the Hands On Labs will be updated. They won’t be included in the EntLib release, but we’ll make them available as a separate MSDN download soon after the release.


  11. Frank says:

    Tom, thanks for the email tip about the final release…but many of my team members were "sharpening their pitchforks" towards me on Wed. :-). —So, I am guessing the IT COULD BE OUT any second from now?

  12. Tick tock tick tock… DYING over here.

  13. Sorry guys – I’d hoped to have it out by now but final release processes are painfully slow. One part of me wants to not set any expectations just in case something goes wrong at the last minute, but I’d prefer to err on the side of transparency and let you know what we (think we) know at any given time. Today is unlikely but (touch wood) we should be done tomorrow. Rest assured that we don’t have any known issues at this time – just lots of final sign-off processes to make sure the release is at the right quality level.


  14. Mike says:

    Question in the logging area of EntLib 2.0 (I know there’s a better place for this but I’m here): why DateTime.UtcNow instead of DateTime.Now when tracing time stamps?

    Kind of confusing when you’re in the Central Time zone and you look at the logs and see time stamps from 6 hours ago. For a long time I thought I had a filter problem thinking I wasn’t really logging in the last 6 hours.

  15. Sergey M says:

    Tom, will EntLib 2.0 target both .NET 1.1 and 2.0, or just 2.0? Just curious. Thanks.

  16. Mike – this was a deliberate design decision, although I accept it may not be for everybody. Using local time can be confusing when you have different machines in different timezones, or when dealing with the transition in and out of daylight savings time. Using UTC makes correlation of different events much more unambiguous. If you don’t like this, it’s obviously a simple change to make it use local time. However the "best" solution (which we unfortunately haven’t implemented yet) is probably to extend the TextFormatter so it can convert the UTC time to a local time when it does its work.

    Sergey – this release only targets .NET 2.0.


  17. John says:


    Great work by you and the team. your effort is really appreciated.

    Do you have a timeframe when the Entlib v2.0 Hand-on-Labs will be available? Those were a fantastic value add for the previous version. We want to use those labs to expose new developers to the library.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Richard Eke says:

    It’s 5pm on Friday 20th Jan (well GMT here in the UK anyway) and no sign of a release…

    I suppose that you still have a couple of hours until the end of the day where you are 😉

    Good Luck and keep up the good work.

  19. ncsuwolf says:

    Is by close of business today the goal for the release of 2.0? I guess we’ll check back then. In any case, the work that’s been done to the library thus far is outstanding. Keep up the great work guys.

  20. Ryan Anderson says:

    The natives are getting restless… 🙂

    Keep up the good work! It is greatly appreciated, ent lib is a marvel of simplicity and continuity in many circles.

  21. Alex V says:

    Its now 17:34 here in the UK… and in those last 34 minutes, its not been released… arrrghhh please please tell me there will be lots of improved documentation available in this new release!!

    Aside from the impatience felt here, good work has been done by all I’m sure!

  22. Kaiser says:

    Will it be on Satur Day? as per Unexpected Hanging paradox 🙂

  23. Joseph says:

    Is this going to be something useable, or another mammoth composed by seventythree million interdependant assemblies that one has to prune and purge before getting to something that works?

    Just to know, so that I’ll know wether to use it or not..

  24. Cesar says:

    As excited and as eager as I am also about the release, I am willing to wait until Monday for the release — only because I don’t want to rush Tom and Team and have them deliver something that’s broken. I’d rather to wait a bit longer for something stable and reliable.

  25. Kiwi says:

    It’s Saturday morning here in New Zealand. If the EL is released today, I’ll win the bet we made here at the start of the week.

  26. Today is the day. I expect to have more details in a couple of hours.


  27. Kiwi says:

    Tom you now have 1 hours 45 minutes to provide "more details". I hope "more details" means RTM!

  28. Wes says:

    People that do not live in the United States (i.e. UK or New Zealand) take into account Microsoft is on the west side of the United States and most of the world is many hours up to almost a day ahead of them. So when they say EOD Friday, that is the end of their day, not the end of your day, you cannot expect them to have worked through the night just to fulfill your time. I live in the Central Time Zone, its not even the end of my day, and they have two more hours after the end of my day. So be patient and give them their due time.

  29. akraus1 says:

    I have just downloaded it from MSDN. Very cool. Am I the first? ;-)))))))

  30. DoubleDeuce says:

    I’m second!…Thanks, guys!!!!…I’m sure the wait was well worth it!!!!

  31. Kiwi says:

    Just so that you know, we in New Zealand do know exactly where Microsoft is located & the time difference. We are not limited to just knowing that Microsoft is located somewhere in the "west side of the United States"

  32. Yes, it’s now out. (And thanks Alois for stealing my thunder!). See the next blog post for the official launch details.

  33. Tom Morgan says:

    I’m the third to comment about downloading, but probably not the third to download. Thanks very much everyone.

  34. Frank says:

    Just downloaded!!!! Tons of appreciation to Tom and the whole great team!!!!

  35. akraus1 says:

    Sorry Tom I just could not hold it back. Bad news spread faster than good news. Normally. But today is different. I would like to congratulate you to this release and wish your team many bright ideas for future guidance projects.

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