Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everybody! I'm fresh off the plane from a couple of great weeks in Australia visiting family and friends and soaking up plenty of photons and UV rays... and almost entirely devoid of e-mail! So apologies that there hasn't been a lot of new information about Enterprise Library or other p&p happenings on this blog or on the GotDotNet workspace lately - but this should change soon. However I can't give you any news now as I'm still too jetlagged and haven't had time to read through enough mails to know what's going on myself 🙂 But if you can't wait for your fix of EntLib news, check out the new "Enterprise Library Post Game Show" ARCCast on Channel 9 that Scott and I recorded with Ron Jacobs after the last webcast.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi Tom,

    Just finished listening to your post EL webcast and was wondering if you have any suggestions/advice for experienced 1.1 .Net developers getting up to speed on 2.0. In the cast you mention the learning curve your team had to deal with and the time it took to overcome this. Is there anything you learned from this that you could share from a training perspective? Sort of a ‘practices’ for transitioning to 2.0 and the vast changes therein. What is a good training path to take to lessen this learning curve?


  2. Miguel Díaz says:


    Almost a year from your great blog opening, congratulations and happy new year!

  3. Deep says:

    Hey Tom,

    Any update on EL 2.0??



  4. John Yung says:

    Hi Tom,

    When would the Enterprise Library Version V2.0 be release? I have a project built with the Nov Release of EntLib 2.0, and the project has a release deadline of this friday. If EntLib 2.0 could not be release by this friday, I need to convert the project back to EntLib 1.1.


    John Yung

  5. Hi John –

    We are _really_ close to being done now, and it’s possible it will be out by Friday – but I can’t guarantee it. If you’ve been using the November CTP without problems and you have good test processes, it may well be safer to stick with what you’ve got than attempt to roll back to 1.1. In the meantime we’re doing everything we can to get the final bits to you ASAP.


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