August CTP of Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0 available to download

I know a lot of you have been waiting a while for this, so I’m pleased to announce that the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 is now available to download from

A few things to note (see the Readme included in the download for more details):

  • Several key features are not implemented in this release, most notably the configuration tool, configuration design-time, instrumentation and Security Application Block 
  • This release has only undergone limited testing, and there are certain known issues. It has been made available for evaluation and feedback, and it should not be used in production applications
  • This release has only been tested against Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2005. It will not work unchanged on later CTP releases of Visual Studio 2005. It is highly unlikely that this Enterprise Library CTP will work with the final releases of .NET Framework 2.0 or Visual Studio 2005.
  • The functionality delta between EntLib January/June and the .NET Framework 2.0 version is not high, as the major focus of this release is alignment with .NET Framework 2.0. The functionality and public APIs of the blocks are largely unchanged, although the implementations have been significantly updated to leverage new platform capabilities
  • Being a CTP release, everything is still subject to change. If something doesn’t work the way you want, please let us know. If you use a CTP release in prototype applications, be prepared for changes before the final release.  

We are working on the missing features and other enhancements now. Most likely we will make these available in another preview before the final release, although we haven’t got final plans around this yet.

If any of you have any questions or feedback, please post them to the community site - we need your help to make this release as good as it can be!

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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  1. Khuzema says:

    How we can port the data access model used in IssueTracker StarterKit(2003)/Time Tracker Starter Kit (VS2005B2) to Enterprise Library June 2005 version (if its early to talk about for CTP for .Net 2.0). Please throw some light on this issue. And it would be much appreciated if the CTP contained example for ASP.NET.

  2. Yes! it’s out there. For all of you (us 🙂 ) that have been eagerly waiting for this new release, check…

  3. Derek Greer says:

    Ok, since the Security Application Block isn’t included in the CTP, can someone on your team post some information about the team’s current thoughts on how this will be implemented (even its in the brainstorming phase)? I’m currently designing a new application which needs to authenticate, authorize, and keep profile information which I would like to be UI agnostic. My guess is that your solution will accomplish this while somehow leveraging the MembershipProvider, RoleProvider, and ProfileProvider facilities. Since I would like my design to be consistant with the 2.0 way of doing things, I’m avoiding looking to the EntLib 1.1 Security Block. Can you give us some insight as to how this might be accomplished in EntLib 2.0 so those who can’t wait can try to plan around the future? Thanks.

    Derek Greer

  4. Neha Magia says:

    I have seen the new August 2005 EL version code and had some concerns. We are using the June 2005 EL version and creating some extensions of EL based on our project requirements.

    Please provide me information whether the following things that we are extending and writing custom for our requirements will be still supported by EL .NET 2.0 version:

    1. Configuration: Will the new EL still support the SQL and XML file providers with XML Serializer transformers?

    2. Logging: We have extended and written custom database sink and formatters as per our requirements. The logging block shall still have concept of sinks and transformers?

    3. Tracing: I had seen trace listeners in logging block, are these same as listeners in ASP.NET tracing. Does tracing in EL take advantage of ASP.NET tracing features that includes levels and listeners?

  5. Hi Neha –

    Thanks for your post. To answer your questions:

    1. The configuration system has changed quite a bit to align with new .NET 2.0 features. We won’t be supporting pluggable storage in the same way that we did in v1. We are hoping to provide some support for pluggable storage, but it won’t work be done in using the XmlSerializer.

    2. The logging block still supports formatters and sinks (trace listeners). To align with the .NET 2.0, the signatures for the interfaces have changed, but you should be able to preserve all of your "interesting" business logic in any custom formatters/sinks.

    3. Yes the sinks are now trace listeners that are compatible with the System.Diagnostics classes. You can use existing concepts like levels and trace switches in the block.


  6. Thogek says:


    A slightly different question, if I may…

    Would it be (relatively) safe to say that, if one were to build a .NET 2.0 Beta 2 application using the June 2005 Enterprise Library, to replace that June EL with the .NET 2.0 RTM EL would (likely) be relatively painless, and involve little if any application code changes?

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