Enterprise Library June 2005 now available!

This took me by surprise (see previous post) - but it looks like Enterprise Library June 2005 has finally hit the download site! Grab it from here. Be sure to check out the list of changes and improvements from the January release.

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  1. Marc Simkin says:

    Well, Tom. Surprises are good sometimes.

    I have had a chance to get this installed, and partially built. I am having some issues, which I posted to the msg boards.


  2. Link Listing – July 3, 2005

  3. Ralph says:

    Hey Tom,

    I downloaded the June Edition of the Enterprise Library and followed the direction of the release notes to get it working with VS 2005 Beta 2, but I am still getting this error when Vs.Net tries to parse the web.config file:

    "ReadonlyConfigurationSectionData is not found in schema". I am just trying to use the Data Application Block (DataConfiguration – Encrypt=True, RijndaelManaged, using DPAPI, user store)

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Hi Ralph –

    Our test team has been looking into this but they are unable to repro. Could you please e-mail me the offending web.config file and any other information that may help us work out what’s going on? My address is tomholl at microsoft dot com.


  5. As announced by Tom Hollander, the 1.1 version of Enterprise Library is available.

    Tim Shakarian, involved…

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