Enterprise Library June 2005 (the ‘1.1 release’)

Yesterday a customer pointed out to me that we haven't made a lot of information available about the upcoming June 2005 ("1.1") release of Enterprise Library (sorry, Gil!). While this wasn't at all deliberate, it is a fair observation - it's been mentioned in passing in some of the gotdotnet message boards, but we haven't provided a clear description of the purpose, scope or implications of this release in one place. So I'll try to do this now.

The June release was really born out of the memory leak that was discovered in the January release, and addressed by Patch 1475. We were able to get a patch out very quickly, but we know that the patching process is a little clumsy, and that there is a risk that some users won't apply the patch. So right from the discovery of this issue, the plan was always to roll this fix into a new installer. Since this is almost certainly going to be the last release of Enterprise Library for the .NET Framework 1.1, we also decided to use this opportunity to fix a number of low-to-medium priority bugs that have been discovered after the release.

In a nutshell, the June release will be the same as the January release, with the following changes:

  1. Patch 1473 (for configuration extensibility) and all of the extension configuration storage providers (but not the MVP Transformer) will be rolled in
  2. Patch 1475 (for the memory leak) will be rolled in
  3. A few fixes to the Data Access Application Block to make it work better with Oracle
  4. A couple of additional methods in the Data Access Application Block that provide access to DataAdapters
  5. Some performance improvements to the Logging & Instrumentation Application Block
  6. A fix to the problem with the Caching Application Block when the instrumentation is compiled out
  7. A few other miscellaneous minor fixes

We will have a more complete list of the changes included in the documentation. Also we will be revving the version number for all of the assemblies, and we will allow side-by-side installation of the January (1.0) and June (1.1) versions of the Enteprise Library package.

If you are using the January release of Enterprise Library, and you are worried about the impact of upgrading to this new version, you should not consider this a necessary upgrade provided you have installed Patch 1475. All of the changes in the June version should help improve the experience of using Enterprise Library, but since most of the fixes only apply to a small number of usage scenarios, you may find that the benefits of the new version do not outweigh the impact of changing to the new release. However, for new development there should be no reason not to move to the June release right away.

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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  1. RickM says:

    Is the release available now? If not when is the release target date? Thanks.

  2. Not yet – should be out late in the month.

  3. Jason Haines says:

    I’m looking forward to the v1.1 release and the fixes listed above. I would be keen to see the following fixes in addition:

    1. Simple assembly signing. Something along the lines of "Create/copy a keyfile to location X and run batch file Y.bat"

    2. Xcopy deployment should work by default. This has been discussed in other forums.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Khuzema says:

    Dear Tom,

    There is a download available for entlib v.2.0 beta. Where can i find it (i lost the link i had). Thnx

  5. Khuzema –

    We haven’t released a preview for EntLib for .NET 2.0 yet (we don’t have anything complete enough yet). So I’m not sure which link you are referring to.

    However, while the June release of Enterprise Library will still be designed for .NET 1.1, it will at least compile and run on .NET 2.0 without any changes (although it obviously won’t leverage any new .NET 2.0 features or best practices).


  6. Khuzema says:

    I think i have downloaded the entlib beta file from the link i had, so tomorrow i will check it on my office pc. rgds. Khuzema

  7. Khuzema says:

    I think i have downloaded the entlib beta file from the link i had, so tomorrow i will check it on my office pc. rgds. Khuzema

  8. Jim B says:

    Hi Tom,

    Will the Enterprise Library include an ODBC connectivity library (similar to SQL 2000, ORacle, and DB2)? My boss is fixated on ODBC. I’m using a refactored ODBC db class that was done by an MVP, but I’m experiencing a few small problems with it in the Enterprise Library Configuration tool and when I try to run my program.

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


  9. Khuzema says:

    Here is the link i found http://www.rationalpath.com/ from where i downloaded the file. I dont know whats your take on this.Please comment.

    thnx and rgds.


  10. Khuzema –

    The version you mentioned isn’t an official p&p release and it hasn’t been reviewed by Microsoft. In general we are supportive of any community efforts to extend EntLib to new uses – but as with all code you’ll need to review it and determine if it meets your needs.


  11. prasad says:

    I would like to nkow how to use the enterprise library components in a COM+ out-of-process component. Can anyone give me a step-by-step tutorial / point to a link ? I will be very greatful…

  12. tom says:

    Re: Prasad

    To use Enterprise Library in COM+/ Enterprise Services environment see the following URL:


  13. Prasad says:

    Thanks for the immediate response Tom…. I will try it out.

  14. Guy S. says:

    Hi Tom,

    I would like to thank anyone who was part of the entLib work – I find it easy to use and very productive.

    One of the simple and basic thing that was missing was the support for installing in the GAC and a deployment MSI – will be also nice. This could be a time saver. This took me few hours to add it by myself and I did not understand why it was not included.

  15. Edlias says:

    ¿Are you planning include UIP in the next Enterprise Library Release?

  16. Hector says:

    Will you include schema retrieval for this release?

  17. Pascal says:

    We’re about to start using the "old" UIP Application Block, but obviously, if there is a chance of a new and improved UIP block being in entlib 1.1, I’d much rather wait for that.

    So might UIP be in there, or will we have to wait for entlib 2.0?

  18. Edilas/Pascal – we won’t have an update to UIP in the June release of Enterprise Library. A new version of UIP Web is on the plans for next year, after we finish porting the existing Enterprise Library blocks to .NET 2.0. Also the Smart Client parts of UIP will be aborbed into the new Composite UI Application Block.

    Hector – I’m not sure what you mean by "schema retrieval" – can you clarify?



  19. Jim McCusker says:


    I noticed you didn’t reply to the question about code signing. My group would like to leverage the Enterprise Library in our Sharepoint development activities. We use code signing in order to grant our code FullTrust while running under Sharepoint (see Jan Tielen’s blog post: http://weblogs.asp.net/jan/archive/2005/06/23/414699.aspx).

    How difficult would it be to add code signing (using a SN keyfile preferably) to the 1.1 build?



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