EntLib: The Motion Picture

TheServerSide.NET has finally released a video interview with myself and Ed Jezierski that was recorded back in February. Of course we're much older and wiser now, but the content should still be interesting - the interview discusses how we made some of the design decisions when building Enterprise Library, as well as a bunch of other things that I can no longer remember (I hope it's interesting, but I'm too embarassed to watch myself for that long 🙂

While I'm here, I wanted to say a quick hello and thankyou to everyone I met at recent events in Japan and southern California - it's great fun getting back out into the real world to talk to customers and find out how you are using patterns & practices deliverables. Next month I'll be at TechEd US in Orlando, Florida. The event is sold out, but if you're lucky enough to have tickets, please stop by and say hello. I'll be doing a presentation on EntLib, as well as hanging around the p&p booth and architect cabana (and anywhere where cold beer is available).

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