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Do you like the work we do, and would you like to be a part of it? Or even better, have you got your own ideas on how to make our deliverables even better? Then read on - patterns & practices is looking for some fresh faces!

Specifically, we have openings right now for a Technical Product Manager and for a Marketing Manager. You can click the links to read the full job descriptions. The Marketing Manager should be reasonably clear (if you're into that type of thing 🙂 but I can explain the Product Manager position much better as it's what I do (and no, I'm not leaving, we just need more people!). Basically the Technical Product Manager role is about being the main interface between the customer and the internal project teams. That involves a whole lot of things like investigating opportunities for new deliverables, working with customers to understand requirements, determing features and usability goals, providing input to and reviewing design specifications, managing beta and release activites, building communities, running demos and webcasts, and dealing with too much e-mail 🙂 Really it's an interesting mix of technical stuff, customer interaction and working with some great people. Sound like you? You can submit your résumé from the careers website, or e-mail it directly to shaunh at

And you don't need to be based in Seattle or even the Unitied States to apply - I wasn't until I started the job - but you need to be prepared to move here. And believe me, it's not a bad place to be (I think those stories about it raining every day are deliberately exaggerated to keep east coasters away. I'm probably breaking some secret Seattle code by revealing this...)

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  1. Adron Hall says:

    Haha, I tell people that it rains everyday because I’d rather most NOT move to Seattle, or Portland, or Vancouver – if they’re not brave enough to check it out! 🙂

    Lived in Portland for a while, stuck in FL on a job now but will return to the NW at my earliest convenince – hopefully to do .NET Development!

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