June 2006 CTP Windows SDK and .NET Framework 3.0 Released

Hot on the heels of last month's public Beta 2 release, we've released a June 2006 CTP for the Windows SDK. Note that this build of the Windows SDK is to be used with the following:

Important Notes

While we all like to play with the latest and greatest, there are quite a few moving parts to the whole Windows Vista/Windows SDK/.NET Framework 3.0 combination. Therefore, please read the following to ensure that you take everything into account before downloading and installing the latest SDK - and as always with beta and CTP software, we highly recommended only installing on a non-production, clean machine.

  • As noted, this CTP is intended for users of Windows Vista build 5456 and the .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime June CTP. This CTP contains updates for native Win32 developers, including improvements to documentation and samples.

  • This build is not supported for users running the Windows Vista Beta 2 for .NET Framework 3.0 development, but it will work for native Win32 applications on Windows Vista Beta 2.

  • If you are using Windows Vista Beta 2 for .NET Framework 3.0 development, we recommend that you do not install this version of the SDK and instead use the Windows SDK Beta 2 release. The .NET Framework 3.0 June CTP runtime is a later version than the one that ships with Windows Vista Beta 2, and code that uses the .NET Framework 3.0 will not work with this CTP.

  • Finally, refer to the ReadMe file for more information on known issues.

Additional Information

For information on what to install for different scenarios (e.g., "I'm looking to develop native-only apps for Windows Vista", etc.), please refer to the Get the Beta page.

Comments (19)

  1. gsans says:

    Is there any chance to get a full package to install .NET 3.0 into a offline machine and not a online download bootstrapper? I could hack the various msi packages inside and orcas msi pre-requisites but i’m running into problems that may get solved with a full RTM offline installation.

    mailto: gerard.sans@gmail.com



  3. Hi TOM i am looking forward to playing with the media file format SDK 11. I install the Windows Vista SDK but some header file part of media file format sdk 10 are missing. Any help is welcome

  4. BobW says:

    Hey Tom, while the release of the June CTP and .NETFX 3.0 is certainly exciting news, it has been very frustrating as a developer to have access to the latest .netfx releases, but not have an OS in which we can actually use them.  Any chance we will have a new CTP anytime soon so we can actually start working with this release?

  5. ChiaFong says:

    Hi, I think there is some confusion here.  Under the page "Windows Vista, Windows SDK and .NET Framework 3.0 (formerly WinFX) Beta" which can be found at:

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/windowsvista/downloads/products/getthebeta/default.aspx .NET Framework 3.0 for June CTP is listed there, but Windows SDK for June CTP is not listed there.  If you follow the instruction and click on the link to the Windows SDK, it will lead you to the Beta 2 of the Windows SDK.  Thus I actually thought that there is no new release for Windows SDK.

  6. mustafa says:

    i’ll try it

  7. mustafa says:

    i think it will be the best windows ever tested and will have a nice look

  8. Praful Shah says:


    I request to add Make File Viewer , It can easy to understandable viewer Make file

    Praful Shah

  9. James says:

    I cant wait to get it and get started. Although I have only just got to grips with .NET 2. Lets hope there is a couple of years before .NET 4 arrives.


  10. rgreywęrt says:

    fh eryujetiei

  11. tenho um projeto de um novo sistema operacional por favor mande resposta é muito sério

  12. yo! says:

    cogito ergo sum

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