New Windows Vista and WinFX Sites Launched

In addition to the launch of the first public Windows Vista Beta since last year's PDC, we have also published a complete redesign of the MSDN Windows Vista and WinFX developer centers in order to create a seamless, unified experience for users moving from one site to another. The sites also reflect the look and feel of the Windows Vista UI, and the Windows Vista site on

There were many goals associated with this project, including

  • Ensuring that key technical information is more discoverable with redesigned site navigation
  • Coordination with other site teams to launch a set of sites that are visually connected, similar in messaging, but audience-appropriate
  • Creating a seamless, unified experience for users moving from one site to another – whether that be from Vista to WinFX or among the various audience-specific Vista sites (MSDN, TechNet and
  • Supporting a newer, cleaner "look and feel"

While the look and feel you see today is a huge step in the right direction – especially in terms of helping developers find the information they need more quickly – we're definitely not finished. Over the next couple of weeks, stay tuned for the following additions/modifications to the Vista and WinFX Developer Centers.

  • Learning - The Learning section will be updated to better offer guidance and help to people new to Windows Vista development. This includes overview pages of various technologies with links to articles and hands-on labs for further discovery as well as links to training as that becomes available from the Microsoft Learning Product Group.
  • Community - As many have seen with our "CodeZone" initiative, we as a company are focusing more and more on the aggregation of various information sources to enable developers to find the help they need. In addition, product teams are more committed than ever to answering your questions on the various MSDN Forums. To that end, we're almost complete with a new Community page that will enable developers to locate all of these resources from a single page.
  • Support - Another page we've redesigned that is close to publication is the Support page that enable developers to quickly find the level of support they need from a single page

At the end of the day, our job performance is measured by whether or not we've been able to provide to you, the developer, the information you need in an easily accessible manner. Therefore, as always please feel free to email me regarding any improvements that you would like to see regarding your experience with the Windows Vista and WinFX Developer Centers.

Comments (23)

  1. Tom Archer gives us some insight into the integrated redesign of the Windows Vista related websites on…

  2. Judah says:

    Tom, the link you gave to the Vista page contains a link to download the Windows SDK. Unfortunately the link to the Windows SDK is dead. Could you get that back up? I’m sure a lot of folks will be trying the new beta and will want to download the SDK.

    By the way, are the Windows SDK and WinFX updated for the new beta?

  3. Tom Archer says:


    Unfortunately, there’s a problem in propogation. It’s been reported and the SDK link should be live shortly.

    Yes, the Windows SDK and WinFX are in alignment with Beta 2.

  4. Judah says:

    Cool, thanks Tom.

  5. Site looks awesome Tom. 🙂 Very cool.

  6. Soh Kim Seng says:

    Your new Site is an interesting place to spend some time. Very hot and exciting.

  7. Wat a cool site..I immensely enjoyed it design !



  8. Cirino Vargas says:


    The Beta2 come with WinFX or i have downloaded here?

  9. Jack says:


    When I attempt to install the WinFX runtime on Vista Beta 2 (Ultimate) setup asks me whether I want to repair or unistall — Are the Beta 2 components of the WinFX runtime already installed in Vista Beta 2?  (In earlier CTP releases they were not, but someone from MS said that they would be included in future Beta releases.)

  10. Sandeep Salunkhe says:

    Good Site Design……Since I’m referring the Vista site from its original Longhorn version……….and it is good resouce for the Windows lovers….

  11. Tom Archer says:

    Jack: Yes, the WinFX Runtime Components are installed by default on Windows Vista Beta 2. I will update the "Get the Beta" page today to make that clearer. Thanks for the heads-up to that issue.

  12. Cirino Vargas says:

    Thanks Tom, I immensely enjoyed it Windows Vista and Office 2007. Now let me see the VS "ORCAS"… 🙂

    Good Job

  13. alireza says:

    hi i’m alireza from iran

    i have bought Win Vista Cd but the "DriverRepository.idx" is missing where is this ?

    please help me !

    Vista is very very very nice and good

  14. John says:

    Is windows vista ever going to be released publicly,

    I know ms said beta 2 would be public but it isn’t.

    You still have to pay a fortune for an msdn or technet subscription…..

  15. Tom Archer says:

    John: Please read the headline text before making inaccurate comments.

    "Windows Vista Beta 2 is now available to MSDN subscribers. Developers who are not subscribers can obtain Windows Vista Beta 2 in the coming weeks via the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP). And WinFX Runtime Components Beta 2 is now available to all developers.  "

    As the text pretty clearly states, Vista Beta 2 will be publicly available via CPP in the coming weeks.

    And by the way, it costs $375 to join the EmpowerISV program where you get an MSDN subscription containing tens of thousands of dollars worth of software. So not exactly a "fortune" if you take the time to look at your options.

  16. Tom Archer says:

    alireza: Please ask questions about Windows Vista in the appropriate MSDN Forum:

  17. This is really something new ,this looks promissing ,very good ,very nice !!!!

  18. Elms says:

    Hi from SOUTH AFRICA,

    I need some assistant documentation on UAP + PA Device Install.

    I’m a lab technician testing Vista at the moment for deployement

  19. Elms says:

    I also need some documentation on WAS if there is any.



  20. Nicholas Hartofelis says:

    I am trying to get Akamai Download manager and also to MS Vista BeTA II, to download it, but I have tried for 2 days and I still cannot get to Windows Vista! Thanks for your assistance, Tom, TGIF,

    Nicholas Hartofelis

    still trying to get beta copy of Vista, THANKS!

  21. faizal says:

    where can i get driverrepository.idx?

    my vista copy dont have this driver

    (windows vista build 5259 X86 original)

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