Windows SDK Team Releases First Part of the "Vista Developer Story"

Earlier this year, the Windows SDK team started working on the "Windows Vista Developer Story". This massive 500+ page document provides real content to developers looking to get started writing Windows Vista applications using the new Windows SDK.

We are pleased to announce that the first part of that document is being released. Entitled "Making Your Application a Windows Vista Application: The Top Ten Things to Do" and made available in a searchable Windows Help file, this document introduces the ten most important things for developers to focus on when designing for Windows Vista.

Note: Since this document is 200 pages, the online version is a brief overview while the full document is in the downloadable Help file.


Be sure and check the Windows Vista Developer Center often as we'll be posting more of the Windows Vista Dev Story throughout the coming months!

Comments (21)

  1. mojtaba says:

    i want windows vista

  2. Tom Archer says:

    mojtaba – Patience. I can’t publicly state beta schedule, but you’re closer than you think.

  3. Benjamin says:

    When is windows longhorn coming our in beta version for everyone to use can someone e-mail me at

  4. tara says:

    how does one apply to test windows vista ?

  5. nanomid says:

    I’ve tinkered with game engines for a few years, and Vista has some of the services one might expect from a game engine, such as meshes and cameras.

    If a physics engine and a spatial index system were available, one would think a game could be written without a seperate game engine.

    Will XNA take advantage of this?

    (p.s. I don’t really care if OpenGL hobbles Aero).

  6. Geoff says:

    This is a public CTP? So anyone can download it? Also, I don’t see any link on that page to download it..

  7. Tom Archer says:


    What are you referring to?

    The "Vista Dev Story" (the title of this blog entry) links are on this page as well as the Vista Dev Center home page.

    The Windows SDK/WinFX links are at

    Windows Vista is only available to MSDN Universal subscribers and beta testers.

  8. vsely says:

    Can other OS update 2 Vista ?

  9. rakesh says:

    send me vista software

  10. Sheila says:

    I’m researching Windows Vista for my ECON class and I was wonder if there is an exact date that it is availiable for the public to purchase it?

  11. wow says:

    ang panget!…

  12. Ryu Connor says:

    Some of the UAC changes Vista makes to help ease the transition away from the Admin account are not only elegant, but so desperately needed.

    That being said I feel that MS has decided to trust the application developer entirely too much.  In particular the manifest option given to developers to define what priviledge level they want their application to run at is tantamount to gross negligence.

    It’s really not so much the malicious attacks that concern me (though it seems obvious virus writers will most likely use manifests), but the truely questionable programs pushed by big companies.

    WoW’s Warden, INCA’s GameGuard, First4Internet’s Rootkit on a Sony Album, etc…  Rootkits bundled with legitimate applications.

    The manifest is a terrible idea, the developer should not be given that option.  I think developers have pretty clearly shown they are too irresponsible to warrant that priviledge.

    Meanwhile users have shown they are entirely too trusting, which really only leaves MS to do the right thing.

    The right thing is to assume both will behave like idiots.  MS needs to force both developers and users to live in a much tighter box.

  13. jeff says:

    How di I get an invite to beta Vista.

    Please let me know.

    Thanks jeff


  14. preacher says:

    something this technologically exciting should be out for the world to see really soon, I WANT WINDOWS VISTA

  15. Thodoras says:

    And , the BIG question is: How can a guy try the fantastic windows vista on his computer , a instalation method like windows XP or oters things! Yeah , i mean an instalation method without that complicated procedure !

    Thanks a lot GUYS!

  16. James Ponting says:

    After having noticed the link to the "Vista Developers Story" on MSDN, i thought (stupidly) that it might offer some insights into how the people working on the project felt about… well working on the project 😛 With this declaration to my stupidity, ill leave you to return to your busy day, hopefully a happier, more amused man 😛


    James Ponting

  17. Akbar Pabani says:

    Respected sir,

    How to get job in Microsoft company Requirements needed.

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    persuing Master in Computer Application from India.

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  18. Sandeep Pradhananga says:

    although vista is a few months from release no details of launch date or the minimum/recommended system requirements are released yet. i guess that vista will not make it this year.

  19. Sandeep Pradhananga says:

    although vista is a few months from release no details of launch date or the minimum/recommended system requirements are released yet. i guess that vista will not make it this year.

  20. Tom this looks like it is going to be great.  As the program manager I know you have been hands on with this development. We currently use XP in the Veterans Health System. Ironically, our electronic health record is called Vista, thats why this caught my attention. We have one of the best integrated systems in the country but it lacks a lot of capabilities because of its platform from years ago. Maybe this will increase the functionalities of our current system. I am involved in clinical informatics, not the hardware so I don’t really know but I am sure we will adapt it when it launches.

  21. xuefly says:

    when it is pirated i will use it. i wait and hope breakfast.∞∞∞呵呵^_^

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