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My name is Tom Archer and I’ve joined Microsoft as a Program Manager for the MSDN Online team.  This is my first blog-entry so I thought I’d introduce myself and give a bit of background about me and what I’ll be doing here at Microsoft.

Some of you might know me from my various books (such as Inside C#, Visual C++.NET Bible, Extending MFC Applications with the .NET Framework and so on). I’ve also authored over a hundred online articles and frequently help other developers in various Internet forums.

In addition to my writing, I’ve been designing and developing software for over 20 years on many different operating systems and programming languages. My main languages are C++ and C# so you can expect that most articles written by me will be done using one of these two languages.

As you probably know, MSDN supports the various Microsoft products and technologies via “Developer Centers” – a logical grouping of Web pages on the MSDN site where you can view and download products, documentation, samples, tutorials, articles, etc. for a given technology (or group of semantically-related technologies).

Currently, I’m responsible for the Windows Vista developer center. Being both a C++ and C# developer will enable me to provide valuable information for those of you writing native (non-.NET) code as well as managed (.NET) code. While I’ll go into more details in future articles and blog entries, my current goal is to publish articles, samples and tutorials on such topics as Vista internals, security, writing native 64-bit code, programming the new Windows Presentation Foundation – formerly known as Avalon, using the XAML declarative language and so on.

Keep in mind that all of us here at MSDN publish content to better support our products and to help make you – the developers and managers – more productive. Therefore, if there’s something specific about Vista (or its related technologies) that you’d to learn more about, then feel free to drop me a line!

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  1. Chris Higgins says:

    Hello Mr. Archer, I understand that you are taking on an enormous task with the development of Vista and I would posit one suggestion to its improvement.

    I have always enjoyed the wonders of digital music but there has always been one setback with Windows XP (Home & Pro). Whenever I try to move music files from one folder to another for consilidation, it becomes a very tedious & painstaking process. I am forced to click ‘No’ (do not replace file) hundreds of times.

    I was hoping you would be able to include a "No To All" option in the Dialog Box along with the existing: "Yes"; "Yes To All"; "No"; and "Cancel."

    I’m sure this improvement would be quite beneficial to Vista users from all age demographics and applicable in numerous business settings. Thank you for your time and consideration Mr. Archer.

    Chris Higgins

    Recent college grad


  2. There are no limits on the journeys of the mind! That’s the way of the future. I can’t way untill the release of Windows Vista formally called Longhorn. Thanks!

  3. Prabhat says:

    Hello! Mr. Archer.

    As we all are aware that MS is putting all its efforts to make c# a complete language. Does it means the end of VC++ era.

    Thanks & Regards,


  4. Elynne says:

    I really amaze of what you did and your experience.

    I’m a new person in knowing VC++ and now i’m stuck doing it. is there any possible if you could help me.

    Please reply me at relxi@hotmail.com



  5. cs says:

    Do you think there’s going to be an update edition of Inside C# now that .net 2.0 is out?

  6. Mac says:

    Thanks Tom Archer, on behalf of all Mac Users for making it possible for all PC users able to do what we have been able to do since 2000 in the same way and look like you can do it just now, thanks a million!!

    p.d. By the way, what Mac did you use to based desgin on? and inform you that Mac OSX 10.4.5 have just released, so upgrade your OS… maybe you can get more ideas for you… "vista" LOL

    A mac user.

  7. williamwanguse says:

    Hi Tom:

         We just heard the information to know Window Vista have a compressed engine to compress data when they want to save the data into USB storage.

        And, they have better security feature in Vista.  Unfortunelly, I could not find any document relative to this kind topic.  

        Would you please help me to show up where we could get more information about those topic. It will be wonderful for us.  Thank you.


  8. Martin D. says:

    Hello Tom, i have little ideas for the Windows Vista

    -Both click (right and left) over a folder makes a light windows popup with a shor list of the files inside, while both buttons are down, the, when buttons go up, the windows dissapear. Most time people look files browsing in a windows, and when they get tired, then, uses the search program. With this option, make shorts the time, so people can take a look for a folder, without entering this.

    -Also, moving the mouse, with both mouse buttons down, when you are over a folder, shows the popup windows with the file list

    -When you click on a folder, in details frames could be the number of files inside, and the folder size

    -Both mouse buttons over the desktop, makes a popup list, with directs applications acces, you move the mouse, holding the buttons, and when you up the buttons over an acces, the program run

    -Modify send to option, with the capabiliti of display a list with folders inside the unit, then, you can browse the folders of a disk, with a tree list. And chose the destiny folder. Like KDE.

    Nothing Else.



  9. frye00r@altavista.com says:

    ringtones free

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    To Preserve Health.

    To Promote the Health of the Healthy Person.

    To Prevent and Cure ill person of the Disease.

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  12. Mr. Archer I wanna to share something on Windows Vista and the New Microsoft Office 2007 System. They’re great platforms! The (GUI) is amazing and super user friendly. The New Microsoft Office Outlook its fantastic along with the Word, Excel, Power Point, Office Publisher and Picture Manager! Johann Rodriguez Pal.


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