Binding a ToolTip in XAML

So, I’m ramping up on XAML. In the smart client version of CMS, we’ll allow the users to modify the content metadata on a two-column display (description on the left, text/check/combo box on the right). If the value is changed, a tooltip will show the previous value. But there’s a problem. According to the docs,…


Back to the land of the living

Well, it’s been a few months. I haven’t forgotten you guys! Just been busy. Here’s a recap: AugustMark and I spent the end of August wrapping up work on CMS v2 (the internal Content Management System that coordinates everything that goes into the Vista SDK). The front end was finished pretty much on time, while the…


Microsoft Gamefest 2006

I made my way over to Gamefest was this week, a conference geared to game industry professionals (developers/testers/marketers). I was rather hoping that my manager would agree to cover it as a training expense, but that was a no-go. Fortunately, I was hooked up with a Microsoft discount code by a fellow employee. What an…


Microsoft Picnic ’06

Every year, Microsoft schedules a weekend or the company picnic. I’ve never remembered to go before this year, so it was my first time there. Several dozen busses showed up at the campus, and ferried everyone to a huge field an hour away. They handed out around five sheets of text, covered with activities that…


Developing a game for the Motorola Q

Just before I went on vacation, I picked up the Motorola Q, which runs Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone. Microsoft is working with Verizon Mobile to offer a pretty hefty employee discount, both on the hardware as well as the service plans. I downloaded the 900MB Windows Mobile 5.0 Developer Resource Kit, the Windows Mobile 5.0…



Wow, it’s been a month. Sorry for not posting recently, I was on vacation in Oregon for part of the time. There’s a lot I want to blog about. So I’ll be taking some time out today to compose several posts and schedule them to go out. Work/Life balance is pretty important at Microsoft. Managers…


MAKE: Magazine lecture

Today I went over to the conference center and watched a presentation put on by Dale Dougherty, Editor and Publisher of Make, and Phillip Torrone, Associate Editor of Make Magazine. It was a pretty interesting show. They had shirts and free magazines (gone by the time I got there), and a lot of sample made…


XBox 360 System Update Beta

Yet another perk to working at Microsoft. 🙂 I can’t go into details, but I can say  that I was “invited to a Beta of an upcoming System Update, the same one disclosed in and other sites. The beta is not open to more participants – we are not receiving applications.” It is very,…


Performance Engineering, Training, and Town Halls

Last week I attended a two-day course on performance engineering. It was really high-level, and covered a lot of common-sense items, but it was still rather interesting. It looks like the “free ride” of processor speed improvements is coming to an end, and Microsoft is embracing the need to focus on performant features. This is…


Windows SDK now has a blog

I forgot to mention it last month, but the group I’m in now has a blog: the Microsoft Windows SDK Team Blog. It’s giving the PMs the opportunity to chat with you guys, as well as point out efforts such as the Vista Developer Story, which details the changes and opportunities that Vista will be bringing.