CannonPI teaser video

There is a new video up on youtube that is the beginning of many more videos.  You should check it out and look for for more coming soon. Also, see if you recognize any of the people in this, feel free to post here who you think they are.


The PDC this year…

Not sure how many people are planning on attending the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) this year, but it is going to be a fantastic conference. We announced some huge announcements on the PDC web site. We have a major lineup of executive keynote speakers representing most of the core Microsoft businesses. We’ll have 20+…


ASP.NET, Visual Studio and Vista

I know that Vista has been out for a while, but just in case people are looking for information on how to use ASP.NET 1.1, Visual Studio 2005, or Visual Studio 2003 on Vista, here are some very helpful links. Using Visual Studio 2005 on Vista for web development How to Enable ASP.NET 1.1 on…


ASP.NET Tips: What to gather to troubleshoot – part 1 – High CPU or Hang

On machines running IIS5 and IIS5.1, these are the Inetinfo.exe, DLLHost.exe and/or ASPNET_WP.exe processes. On machines running IIS 6 or 7, this is the w3wp.exe process. The following steps will allow us to get log files of the processes hosting the IIS or ASP.NET applications, as well as obtain the thread ID that is using…


ASP.NET Tab Missing

A common issue we see customers having is after installing ASP.NET 2.0, the ASP.NET Tab is missing from IIS. This tab is used for setting the version of ASP.NET and a lot of other things. When this tab is missing, it can be rather difficult to get it to appear.  So we now have a…


Useful appcmd commands

So with IIS7, there is a new way to get data out about your web server, using the new appcmd.exe process. To start out with, the best place to start is with: Things you can do by piping appcmd commands There are a lot of useful commands listed there that can start you moving ahead….


Recent IIS 7.0 updates

So there have been some new updates recently released for IIS 7.0.  These updates add some additional functionality to IIS on Windows Server 2008.  The biggest one is the addition of FTP: Microsoft FTP Publishing Service for IIS 7.0Documentation can be found at: Microsoft FTP Publishing Service for IIS 7.0 (x86) Documentation Another update that has…


ApplicationHost Helper Service – what does it do?

Another new thing about IIS7 is this new service called the ApplicationHost Helper.  This serves two main purposes: Configuration history Application Pool Account Mappings Config History This is the service that will make backups of your ApplicationHost.config file.  Which is very important in IIS7 as there is where all the settings for IIS7 now reside,…


Automatic Application Pool Isolation in IIS7 – why you’ll want to use this

So IIS7, which comes with the new Windows Server 2008 which just RTM’d, has a bunch of new features that are going to make life a lot easier for the web developer and administrator. The one we will see today is called Automatic Application Pool Isolation.  This basically means that when you create a new…


ASP.NET Tips: Add trace statements

So I am going to start a new topic revolving around some useful tips for ASP.NET developers. The first one is rather simple but very effective.  When you are creating your site, it is a good idea to add some tracing to your application for times when you need to debug or troubleshoot a problem. …