CannonPI teaser video

There is a new video up on youtube that is the beginning of many more videos.  You should check it out and look for for more coming soon. Also, see if you recognize any of the people in this, feel free to post here who you think they are.


Where do you go to find answers?

There are more and more sites coming online that allow you to ask questions.  So which site(s) do you use? Traditional These sites are more of the old way of finding out answers, you don’t really interact, just find your answer on the existing documentation that is posted: Forums There have been…


What do you need to troubleshoot Azure?

Looking to the future with cloud computing, it is going to become increasingly important to have good information about what is happening with your site in order to properly maintain it. Keeping development type of issues aside, what types of things do you think you will need in order to be able to properly troubleshoot…


Insides of Azure

Want to get more details about Windows Azure?  There is a really helpful video done by Channel 9 that talks about this upcoming product and how it works. I think this gives great details about the architecture and also how you will use this and what it will be good for.  Check it out: Dharma…


Windows Azure and you

So I have started to look at the new Windows Azure that we just announced, you can download the framework from here.  You can also read more about it at Azure Services Platform Developer Center. As I started looking at this, the main sample I was focused on was the PersonalWebSite Sample.  It gives me…


IntelliSense for jQuery

As for reported here, we now have an official IntelliSense documentation file that will allow you to get rich intellisense for jQuery from inside of Visual Studio. When you go to download jQuery, you will see a Documentation link.  Or you can download it directly from here: Using this file is simple, if you…


Strange callstacks

How many times have you been troubleshooting a dump or application, you look at the callstack and you see something that just doesn’t quite look right.  Chances are the problem is that you don’t have correct symbols. For example, if you see something like this: Vswebdesign!DllCanUnloadNow+0xb02a0 Vswebdesign!DllCanUnloadNow+0xb8ef4 Vswebdesign!DllCanUnloadNow+0xb2203 Vswebdesign!DllCanUnloadNow+0xb248f Vswebdesign!DllCanUnloadNow+0x2c406 Vswebdesign!DllCanUnloadNow+105a89 … That usually is…


Web Site Stops Responding for 15-25 seconds

There are a number of reasons that a web site could have a delay (hang) that could cause problems.  I am going to talk about a common one that we see which is the CRL. What we have seen in the past is the Crypto API’s are trying to update the Certificate Revocation List (CRL)…


XPerf: A CPU Sampler

Seema just had a great about using XPerf to troubleshoot CPU issues when using Silverlight.  This can also be used in the same way to troubleshoot ASP.NET or IIS. What can XPerf tell you?  Seema answers that question, it can find out: Is my app asking Silverlight to constantly spin on CPU cycles. Whether one…


ASP.NET Tip: When to use which Session Server

There are 3 different ways you can store session in an ASP.NET application: InProc (default mode) State Server SQL Server InProc means we store the data in the same process (in memory) on the web server, in the worker process.  This has some distinct advantages in that it is faster since everything is in the…