Now Available: Psscor4 – Debugger Extension for .NET 4.0

I am very happy to announce that Psscor4 is now available for download.  You can download it from: Psscor4 Managed-Code Debugging Extension for WinDbg This should have the same functionality as Psscor2 does but it works against the .NET 4.0 Framework.  Please let me know if you run into any problems downloading or using this…


POP QUIZ: What’s wrong with this code – part 3

Imagine you are a developer and your boss comes to you complaining that your piece of code has been deemed to be taking up too much memory and causing problems for the application.  You take a look at your code and you see the following, assume that stream is defined above this and is correct:…


High Memory part 6 – Fragmentation revisited

I have talked about a bunch of commands used to troubleshoot a managed memory problem in the past and given some situations of using them like: High memory, CPU, or other performance problems with .NET High Memory continued – Datatables High Memory part 3 – Native Heap High Memory part 4 – Managed Strings High…


How do you test the performance of your web site?

I wanted to get a feel for what tools people are using to test the performance of their website.  My questions are: Do you check page-load times?  Do you dig in to see which files are taking the time How do you track down a page that uses a lot of memory How do you…


ASP.NET Tips: Finding what is taking up memory

There are some times that you want to figure out what is taking up your memory.  There are a few ways that you can do this and some limitations put on this by .NET and ASP.NET. Memory in a dump file If you are looking at a dump file, the first thing you can do…


ASP.NET and Performance

I wanted to talk about monitoring performance in ASP.NET for a bit.  I have already posted a few postings that talk around this issue, namely: ASP.NET Debugging – High Memory part 5 – Fragmentation ASP.NET Debugging – ASP.NET Tips- How to use DebugDiag to track down But there are some other things to keep in…


ASP.NET Tips: What to gather to troubleshoot

So now that I am done with all the individual posts, I thought I would wrap them all together.  So here are all of the posts that I created on gathering information when you are having a problem. Please keep in mind that these are geared towards the type of information you would be sending…


ASP.NET Tips: What to gather to troubleshoot – part 6 – Recycle due to memoryLimit

Here is another situation that you may come across and what to do in order to gather information about it. The following steps will configure DebugDiag to automatically capture a memory dump of the ASPNET_WP.exe process recycling when it exceeds the memoryLimit.  This only applies to the ASPNET_WP.exe process, so if using w3wp.exe, this doesn’t…


ASP.NET Tips: What to gather to troubleshoot – part 5 – OutOfMemoryException

So we already talked about what to gather when you are experiencing high memory.  But what if you are actually getting a System.OutOfMemoryException?  Here is how you capture a dump at the time you are running out of memory. The following steps will configure DebugDiag to automatically capture the memory dump when the System.OutOfMemoryException occurs….


ASP.NET Tips: What to gather to troubleshoot – part 2 – High Memory

Identifying a Memory leak A Memory Leak in an IIS process (INETINFO.EXE, DLLHOST.EXE, W3WP.EXE) occurs when Memory Usage in Task Manager continues to consume more than 50% of the physical RAM until running out of system memory or until the process stops functioning. On heavily-used sites, a continuous growth in memory over the first 24…