Linq features to make smaller code

I have been working on some code that involves using Linq to query a database and came across something that I thought was really useful.  So here is the situation: We have a query that we want to be able to sort in multiple ways.  This will allow the user to click on columns and…


Creating an Auto-complete textbox

It seems that auto-complete is very popular these days with different sites.  So I wanted to show you how you can create your own Auto-complete textbox on your web sites.  There are two ways that this can be accomplished depending on what you are using and what you want to use. Ajax control toolkit This…


Tail calling in .NET

Thought I would give a little details on one type of optimization that it is possible to see and explain what it is and how it affects things so that if you come across it, you will understand what is happening. So there is this concept of tail calling which is where the compiler will…


Improving Time-Critical Code written in C

Writing web pages is very similar to writing any other type of code.  You have to understand how it is going to be used and where you need to really make things run as quickly as possible. There are a number of tips on this blog already that deal with managed code and ways to…


Inserting a dynamic column into a DataGrid and sorting by it

We recently had a customer that wanted to sort a dynamic column in a DataGrid and so I thought it may be something that others would like to be able to do. You get your data for your dynamic column and then do something like below to insert it into an existing DataTable in a…


Debugging .NET Framework Source Code

I am not sure how many people are familiar with the .NET Reference Source project, but if you do a lot of debugging of .NET code, chances are that you have had a situation where you wanted to be able to step into the .NET Source from within Visual Studio. Well, thanks to this project. …


Visual Studio Designer not Respecting Assembly Binding Redirection

So we recently came across an issue where Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 Designers were not respecting assembly binding redirection. Scenario We have a file which is now version 2 and stored in the GAC.  So the assembly version is  We have some existing customers using version 1 so we want to be able…


Making an Asynchronous Call using the Impersonation Identity

If you try to make an asynchronous call, you will notice that the thread that executes the call doesn’t run under the same account as the thread that called it, assuming you are using impersonation. There are a number of ways to change this if you would like to have it use the same identity….


ASP.NET Support Team Code Samples

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the new MSDN Code Gallery.  Well we now have a page setup for the ASP.NET Support Team.  Feel free to check it out, we will be updating it with samples to help customers. There are only a few samples currently posted, but we plan on adding to it as…


MSDN Code Gallery

Samples are always useful and we can never have enough samples.  So in this regard, we now have a new site that is dedicated to code samples, snippets, and other bits of code.  As Soma announced on his blog, MSDN Code Gallery – snippets, samples and resources. You can find these things at The MSDN…