ASP.NET Troubleshooting

So with how long ASP.NET has been out for now, I am really curious to know how people go about tracking down issues in their project.

I’d like to know things like:

  1. How do you know there is a problem
  2. What tools do you use to confirm that the problem really is a problem
  3. How do you gather data about the problem
  4. How do you determine if the problem is your code or something else (like the network, hard drive failure, etc)
  5. If the problem is your code, how do you ensure your fix resolves the problem (how do you test the fix)

If there are any others, I’d also like to hear them.

Also, if you do anything in the Cloud now, I’d love to hear how you troubleshoot that.  And it can be from any cloud service provider.

And have any of these things changed with some of the new ways to program that have come out.  For example, AJAX, MVC, Silverlight, IE8, jQuery, etc.

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  1. we have a dedicated high perforamnce loggin mechanism that we use to capture general flows, aduit and main exception to event viewer, log files, etc.

    our customer opens a ticket with the relevant logs and we analyse them (we have PDB deployed for better servisiabilityserviceability)

    we use IE, Ajax


    when we get the logs , we analyse them and try to reproduce and after succedding we create a patch .

    Most of the problems are not with the network, etc but in such cases the troubleshooting will be longer if the exception is not good enough.

    we have few logs that measure times also

  2. Hi everybody,

    We have been working with ASP.NET since .NET 1.1.

    The main problem we have encountered with this technology are postbacks. Those roundtrips sending more data than required made our applications too slow.

    So, now we are combining ASP.NET + jQuery taking advantage of JSON Services in .NET 3.5.

    We are very pleased with the final release of ASP.NET MVC and willing to start working with it.

    We use log4net framework for logging and visual studio on development and debugging stages.

    Best regards,

    Miquel Parejo

  3. Chaz says:

    As a developer, working with .Net has been extremely frustrating… I don’t develop in .Net myself, but I occasionally “inherit” .Net apps from clients.  I am currently working with one now that has an issue with postbacks not working, but I seem to be completely unable to figure out where/why the problem is happening.

    I don’t have, and don’t want to buy Visual Studio, but that appears to be the only way to figure out what’s going on.

    I have also started working with Ruby on Rails, and I seem to be able to find many more resources available for similar problems.

  4. Chaz,

    It is a big shift to troubleshoot .NET if you are used to C or C++.  There are a lot of useful information on this blog that you can use to troubleshoot.  If you look at the tags, you can find helpful tips for the type of issue you have.  You can also just ask on here and get help.

  5. Eric says:

    Chaz, you don’t have to buy Visual Studio.  You can download Visual Studio Express for free.

  6. Chaz says:

    Thanks Eric… I had not realized that… I downloaded VS Express and started using it!… Although at this point I’m still no closer to solving my postback issue… Oh well…

    Thanks for the information… Very helpful!

  7. Mukesh says:

    We have based application but from last few days i am facing some problem with login page on single machine only. Actually when i enter login information and click login, application kicks me back to login page. I have also formatted my system two times also have installed different antivrus. Then also problem is as it. Any suggestions.

  8. Mukesh,

    Do you get any entries in the event log?  Can you turn on some tracing in your code to see where it is getting and where it fails?

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