Silverlight updates – CBS and a contest

As reported on a few sites:

Silverlight is going to be the technology of choice for CBS to broadcast their video broadcasting of the March tournament.

Users will be able to view the games in either a standard, 550 Kbps, broadcast using Windows Media Player or a hi-definition quality video with Silverlight, 1.5 Mbps.



On another note, there is now a Silverlight contest where you can win $5,000 and have your game featured in ServerQuest II.  For more information, check out the site at

For the contest, the requirements are:

  • The initial file download size cannot exceed 4MB Total file size must be < 10MB
  • Resolution limited to 800x430
  • There are no frame rate limitations
  • The game cannot include any upload file aspects
  • The game cannot require or allow any external communication (i.e. no send-to-a-friend components, etc.)
  • The game must be developed in Silverlight 2.0 and submitted in object/binary code format
  • The game must clearly indicate to others that it is governed by the Creative Commons license
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