Windows Azure and you

So I have started to look at the new Windows Azure that we just announced, you can download the framework from here.  You can also read more about it at Azure Services Platform Developer Center.

As I started looking at this, the main sample I was focused on was the PersonalWebSite Sample.  It gives me a pretty good idea of how it is going to be to develop for this platform.  But I haven’t been able to fully look into what it is going to be like to troubleshoot it.  Especially from a production viewpoint.

Have you looked at this new platform yet?  What are your thoughts?

Comments (4)

  1. Vadmyst says:

    It looks similar to what google app engine is, but is more powerfull.

    I like the idea of background workers in Microsoft .NET Services

  2. Anish says:

    Hi Tom,

    From most of the blogs what i understood is Windows Azure is an OS? Is it true?

    Is it possible for an nterprise to buy Windows Azure Operating System and create&manager their own cloud environment? Or is it only to use by Microsoft.

  3. Anish,

    It is an OS and an enterprise can get a version inside the cloud, but the cloud is in Microsoft’s data warehouse.

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