ASP.NET Tip: Letting Microsoft know about your problems/requests

Not sure if everyone knows of the various options that there are for communicating with Microsoft so I wanted to let you know about some of them here.

Bugs or problems

You can log these on the various forums that we have, the forums are found here.  Also, if it is a bug, you can enter it on our Connect site.  You can find the various products by going to the Connect Directory and finding the one you are interested in.  For ASP.NET or Visual Studio, it is this one.


You can always get to us by using the various blogs of different Microsoft employees.  For a list of a lot of useful people, check out my Blog Roll on the right.  Or check out this post for other useful bloggers, Important blogs to visit regularly.

Usability Research

Another great way to get involved is to participate in a usability study.  Everyone isn’t able to do this, but it can be a great way to get your thoughts and opinions heard.  For more information, go here.


One other side-note, if you are a gamer, you can check out the Playtest site.  Where you can help test things and also get free software.

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  1. RTaylor says:

    You are probably not the correct person to talk to about my problem, but I am almost beside myself trying to find anyone that will own up to a problem. All I ask is info on where to go if possible.

    I have Vista Home Prem. SP1 installed. Up until a month or so ago all was well then the system quit playing the video in .wmv files and DVDs. I usually use Realplayer 11 and neither it nor WMP11 will show anything but a black screen during playback. Sound is OK, just black video. I have found others referencing the same problem, usually after installing SP1. Real Networks keeps harping about video cards not being able to handle the codecs RP produces. All well and good, but I was working just fine until it broke. I am chasing this problem through MS, Real, ASUS (motherboard), and ZT Systems (computer). All to no avail. Any help will be very appreciated. I can be contacted at

  2. RTaylor,

    That looks like it’s been diagnosed as a video card or video card driver issue.  Looks like your first point of attack would be to check with the video card vendor for updated drivers.

  3. RTaylor,

    One more suggestion, it’s possible that turning of WMV acceleration may help on the WMV side.  In WMP, it’s Tools/Options/Performance and uncheck "Turn on DirectX Video Acceleration for WMV files".  It’s also possible that this is not going to help since the problem happens with DVD video as well.

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