Why the questions and what am I going to do with the data

So over the past few weeks, I have been asking a lot of questions on my blog to get a feel for what people are using and how they are using these things.  There are a number of reasons for me to do this and I thought I would explain what some of them are so that you have a better understanding where I am coming from and what I am looking to get out of these questions.

Question background

There are a few different types of questions that I ask. 

  • Some are wondering what people use and don’t use to determine what I should focus on both for my blog and debugger extension.
  • Others are focused to see if people are running into problems and make sure we can get some visibility to them and get them solved.

For example, How are you using ASP.NET and Silverlight- is centered around Silverlight because I want to see how many folks that read my blog are trying this new product out to see if I should be posting more about it and things you can do with it.  Any other .NET 3.5 SP1 issues- is about a new release to see if people are running into problems that we haven’t seen before.  The last thing we want is for issues to be out in the public without us knowing about them.  And sometimes people don’t create a case with Support for the issue.

How is this information being used

So all of the first types of questions are being used by me to determine how to spend my time.  I want to try to give you guys the best information I can and relate it to what you want to know about.  And instead of just posting stuff and looking at how many views it gets, I thought I’d just ask for opinions.  For the extension, I am very interested in what you guys would like to see and what would make things easier for you.  I especially was excited to see what people would say that want to troubleshoot problems, but find the barrier to entry for debugging with the extension to be too high.

For the second type of questions, they are mostly used to be sure we are resolving all issues that our customers are seeing and trying to be proactive about helping as many as we can.  If a particular issue is being seen by multiple customers, we can to resolve it as quickly as possible so that it isn’t an issue for anyone else.


I hope that this helps shed some light on these posts and hope that everyone will continue to comment on them as much, if not more, then they have before.  Look forward to hearing from everyone.

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