Who uses SOSEX and what for?

Another thing I am curious to know is if anyone is using SOSEX and what advantages it gives you for debugging.  I have talked to the author of it and I think it has a lot of useful commands, just wanted to get everyone’s take on it.

Let me know any problems you have with it also.

If you don’t know what SOSEX is, take a look at: Steve’s blog

Comments (3)

  1. xklaus says:

    I use the !refs command in OOM scenarios. For me it’s some kind of replacement for !gcroot. Usually i don’t need the whole path to figure out where to cut the GC-root path.

    I also used the breakpoint commands so far, but not very often.



  2. henkk says:

    I love the dumpgen command. Saved me tons of work.

  3. rshouse says:

    I use SOSEX, specifically the dumpgen command.  I miss it from the older SOS extensions.

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