How are you using ASP.NET and Silverlight?

I have posted in the past about some new things that are coming with DeepZoom and the like.  What I am curious about is how is everyone using ASP.NET and Silverlight?  Are there plans in the future to use it?

I think the options with it are some vast, that I’d like to see how everyone is planning on using it moving forward.  Also, if you aren’t planning on using it, what are you going to use and what doesn’t Silverlight do that you’d like to see it do.

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  1. We are a start-up trying to build a Silverlight based application to be released in alpha shortly. I think right now silverlight is highly geared towards Video rather than RIA applications space.

    HTML/Rich Text rendering control – right now there is no good way to display rich text/HTML out of the box. A need for any basic application.

    A feature like Flash paper – ideally for creating document based solutions. How about a viewer for MS Office file formats?

    And the other we badly need in our application is Mic/Webcam support. I belive lot of people have requested it in the forums too.

    The list can go one but above are the top few that come to my head. If you are more intrested you can mail me at saurabh at and I could probablly demo you what we have been working upon etc.

  2. Francois Ward says:

    Silverlight is definately in my plans. I mostly work on internal web apps, and the only real reason we use web apps is for ease of deployement (Click Once is still too much for many of my clients), so we’re leaning toward Silverlight and XBAP, as they fill our requirements just the same, just with more power at the cost of having less trained people in those techs.

    XBAP for all windows environments, Silverlight for mixed environments. Not touching Silverlight until version 2 is RTM though. Version 1, I’ve used in prototypes, and in the best of cases its a joke 🙂

    Will be using them for standard enterprise app front ends really, nothing too fancy. Textboxes, grids and menus 🙂 (ok, more than that, but you get the idea)

  3. Josh says:

    Unfortunately I am having to Use Flex with Asp .Net instead of Silverlight 2 on account of there being no support for PowerPC Macs. Do you know if this limitation is just a beta thing or does Micrososft really have no intention of supporting PowerPC’s with Silverlight 2?

  4. Sven Jensson says:

    We have postponed all our Silverlight development due to the lack of support for synchronous communication with our servers.

    It is simply too great a task to re-architect all our existing code.

    So for now, we are staying with the browser. We are using our resources to make sure that we run perfectly on IE, Firefox and Chrome.

  5. Syam says:

    We are planning to use silverlight in one of our upcoming websites mainly for video streaming and UI

  6. We are planning to do trados like environment using silverlight on the web so the translators can login and start doing their jobs online instead of doing it offline.

    We will see how much we can push things…

  7. Joe Reynolds says:

    I put a great deal of time into using Silverlight for streaming our video. Mostly wasted time

    Currently we have a Windows Visdeo streaming server and web pages utilize embedded Windows Media Player. Works great. There are some Silverlight features we would like to use, but here’s the major problem:

    With our current setup if a user drags the timeline forward the response is extremely fast. With Silverlight the buffering time is very long. Until this problem is resolved Silverlight is all but useless for all but relatively short video. In our case we show video of board of director meetings and some are five hours long. Viewers like to jump around in the video. We provide linked markers to particular video segments. Response is almost instant on Media Player but again very long buffering on Silverlight.

    Until the response times of Silverlight are at least as good as our current setup, we won’t be using Silverlight

  8. Garry Trinder says:

    So far Technical Evangelist Webcast streaming.

    Once I catch up I want to do cartoons with it.

    Expression Design is the whip. 😉

  9. Rol says:

    I haven’t seen heavy RIAs running successfully on silverlight. I can only see information or business sites running with silverlight. Adobe technologies are far better than microsft for RIAs. Microsoft has a long way to go still.

  10. Mike says:

    We’re not using Silverlight. It’s too risky too bet on Microsoft for client side technology when you are developing web applications that should be platform agnostic today and in the future.

    Instead we rely on javascript, html and css. On the server we use ASP.NET MVC, which is a wonderful platform.

    So, no Silverlight, ever.

  11. Chris says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m working with Silverlight 2 and Blend 2.5 preview at the moment. My inner child is terribly excited about the rich possibilities but my inner adult tends to fret about a few things.

    1 There doesn’t seem to a clear roadmap of where MS wants to go with this, or any RTM date, or any indication of what the RTM will contain.

    2 Certain obvious controls just aren’t there yet – eg dropdown. What do I do with that? Try and roll my own, or wait for the RTM?

    3 Animation is one of the key things in making immersive, responsive interfaces. Yet I have found the animation simply doesn’t work smoothly enough. Getting a control to “glow” on mouseover for example is fine but if you happen, for some obscure reason, to want something like a bouncing ball moving across the window then forget it – it jerks and flickers so badly that its just not useable.

    I tend to look at this more from a LOB perspective I guess. I agree with Rol that maybe in the end thats the way MS should go. Last night I was looking at some of the demos on the Silverlight Streaming site, then later I was watching some programs on the BBC IPlayer site. A different world altogether. MS knows how to do LOB but I’m not totally convinced they are really serious about competing for things like video delivery.

    I sometimes get the feeling that MS adopts the approach of starting to play in a particular space with a sort of “see what happens” mindset, rather than a serious  plan.

  12. Mike says:

    After pushing 1.0 down our throats and leaving a very bad taste I have no intentions of messing with it for a long time.

  13. says:

    How Could we plan with a product about which we still doesn’t have at least a Feature Complete Release.

  14. wes says:

    Silverlight 2 is way beyond 1.0 .

    We rolled out a few restaurant sites with SL2, and found it superior in features and development cushy-ness to Flash. It will need to support Opera before we can fully leave Flash, though.

    I like the model Silverlight Streaming uses a lot as well because we have more control than, say, the Youtube model. We’re tooling into the API for an evaluation prototype for a gaming company.

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