SOS Tip: Using help

This is just a quick little note to remind everyone that the !help command in sos can be very helpful.  Not only does it list all of the possible commands, but if you run it and pass it the name of a command, it will print out a bunch of really useful information for that command.

For example, if you look at the help for !dumpheap: !help dumpheap

You will see, for example, the syntax that you can use to pass the list of objects returned from !dumpheap -mt to a .foreach command.

I use the help a lot to check on the different switches and also for reminders like with .foreach, when to use a ( and when to use a {.  Those always seem to trip me up.

Another really useful command inside help is the FAQ.  If you run !help faq, it will print out all sorts of things that are really useful to know.

If you haven't checked out the !help command much in sos, please do now and let me know what you think.

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