Microsoft Optimization for your IT

I haven’t seen a whole lot of information coming out about how Microsoft can help you optimize your IT infrastructure so I thought I could mention it.

You can read more about the whole program at

There is more information on our Server and Tools site at

There are also some learning links that you can use to help also at


So what is this Optimization about anyway?

Well, it is a set of three models that we have build to enable a business to realize the full value of its IT infrastructure and platform investments.  This is all about putting more of your time and effort into the things that make you money, and less into the IT infrastructure decisions that take up so much time.  There are tools that measure the effectiveness of your current infrastructure in platform-agnostic terms against industry best practices and the latest IT research.

There are three different models for optimization.  They are:

  1. Core Infrastructure
  2. Business Productivity Infrastructure
  3. Application Platform

On the site, you can perform a Self-Assessment for any of these three models.   If you would like to see what the report looks like, there is a sample available here.

There is a good introduction video to optimization that you can watch here or you can read all about the program here.


So what does this mean for me?

To answer that question, we really need to break down who you are. 

A business looking to optimize your company

Use the tools found on the optimization site to begin a Self-Assessment and get answers to questions like:

  1. Where does my organization rank on the Optimization model
  2. How do we compare to the competition
  3. What roadmap should we follow
  4. What is the quantifiable value of improving

You can also use the link above to read more

A business looking to become a partner in this process

There is a lot of great information about being a partner here.  With three levels of membership – each with increasing benefits, you can join at the level that aligns with your business and get more business and increase your visibility.


Case Studies

If you want to see how this has affected other companies, there are a handful of case studies and whitepapers available for you to look at here.  The case studies include HSBC and TUV NORD to name a few.  TUV NORD used the Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization (BPIO) model to lower TCO by 37 percent!

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