Have you checked out the MSDN site for ASP.NET lately?  It is full of useful information.  You can find it at the ASP.NET Developer Center.  My favorite things to check out are the “How Do I” videos.  They can be really helpful and can get you started on a specific topic.  Check them out, “How Do I” videos – ASP.NET.

I’ suggest checking back to that site from time to time to look for updates.  There are a lot of useful things that show up on that page, including some interesting blog postings and all kinds of updates around ASP.NET.

Another interesting link is to the forum talking about ASP.NET Futures.  This is really cool stuff if you haven’t heard about it, stuff like:

  • ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
  • Dynamic Data Controls
  • Silverlight Controls for ASP.NET
  • ASP.NET Dynamic Language Support
  • Search and Diagnostics Application Services

Hope you find those sites helpful.

Comments (4)

  1. rtpHarry says:

    This site seems to be a mirror of the main site I guess it depends what kind of skin you prefer. I use the website every day. Like most of my friends check facebook, I can be found checking in on with my bowl of cereal.

  2. Stievie says:

    Why does Microsoft maintain 2 websites with 95% the same content? I’m talking about MSDN ASP.NET Developer Center and the official ASP.NET website. This is really confusing for us developers.

  3. Stievie,

    There have been many discussions about that very topic and I am not the right person to discuss it, but hopefully things will become less confusing soon.  I will pass along the comment.

  4. Alok Kumar says:

    Is there some new tips published for to check out

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