ANSWER Logic Puzzle: What comes next?

Here is my answer to the puzzle that was posted here.

Count the number of occurrences of a particular number in the above sequence along with the number itself.

e.g here 13112221

One 1, One 3, Two Ones, 3 Twos, 1 One

    1           3             11          222          1 

Hence we have..... 1113213211 as the answer.

Comments (2)

  1. As a general reminder, when I post trivia, I will wait to post all comments until I post the answer.  That way everyone has a chance to try to figure it out before getting the answer from me or anyone else.  So if you submit something, I got it and will post the comment when I make the answer public.


  2. One more note, seems like most people got this one rather easily, so I will try to make the next one more difficult…

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