Live Mesh update

Not sure if everyone saw, but Microsoft has expanded the size of the Tech Preview for Live Mesh.  You can see the announcement on the Live Mesh Forum.

So what was announced?  Well there are two main things:

  • Doubled the maximum number of users they allow to access the Live Mesh Technology Preview.
  • Simplified the Tech Preview sign-up process.  They removed the requirement to sign up via Microsoft Connect, so that instead you can sign up directly from
  • I’d like to here how many people are using Live Mesh and what you think about it.  I’d also love to hear how you are using it and what your plans for for using it in the future.  Has anyone done much with it from a mobile phone?

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    1. Josh says:

      I used it and noticed that it made 3 copies of the one folder I had set to syncronize and each copy had a different version and I had to search and find which one had the latest version of each file I had changed over the last two weeks.. needless to say, I removed it.

    2. Ivan says:

      I’m currently using Live Mesh and its awesome.  I used to hate it when the "My Documents" directory on my home desktop didn’t match the one on my laptop.  Now i can go between machines and the files are just always there.  I love it!

      A few things I would like to see…

      1. Be able to sync without the Live Desktop.  The live desktop gives you a 5GB limit, so I can’t sync up my music collection or my photos as that would eat up the 5GB limit quickly.

      2. Be able to sync my contacts that are on my Windows Mobile phone to my Vista Contacts.

    3. Gene says:

      Been using Mesh since it was released, mostly to share files for remote access and collaboration. Tried to share some image & file folders on a couple Win Web Server 2008 but had too many issues to make it reliable.

    4. mcp111 says:

      I use live mesh a lot. Is there any way to print to a local printer from the remote session?I tried going to the mobile version at but it gave a "page not found" error.

    5. Josh says:

      Ivan, that is what I tried to do, but it did not work for me.  Was there something you did specifically to get that set up?

    6. mac says:

      I used mesh to backup project files and to sync between work and home pc.

      I waiting for OS X and Windows Mobile client. It’s awesome    for me.

    7. mcp111 says:

      I’ve noticed that with Live Mesh sometimes when I double click an icon, it actually opens something else near it, i.e. it’s not interpreting the click properly. Has anybody else experienced this? This has started happening after the recent update couple of days back.

    8. RC says:

      Live mesh is awesome.  I’ve been using it to sync across 3 laptops and a desktop.  Can’t wait to get the mobile version running

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