Hyper-V continued

Just wanted to give a brief update on using Hyper-V.  I can’t seem to find a reason to not use it.  Right now I can run all my different machines, at any time and when needed, and do everything I need to do for work.  I can also keep things separated so that I don’t have unnecessary bloat and programs on my machines.

The other thing that I am using a lot of is being able to Terminal Server directory to the VM’s.  Sound wasn’t working for me using the standard way of connecting.  So I just remoted in, and now sound works great.  And since it is so close by, even video doesn’t seem choppy to me through Terminal Server.

I still stand by my statements earlier about what Hyper-V is good for, Hyper-V part 2, but I am finding less and less reason to not use it.

The other really important thing to keep in mind.  I am just running a since physical machine.  This has a bunch of implications.  For example, my small UPS is just find for keeping all these machines up and running (it is one that just can handle a single machine and monitor).  Also, it is saving electricity as I just have the one machine running.  Before that, I would use 3 and sometimes up to 5 machines at any given time.

I think this is a great solution for most any business situation.  It will also allow me to install beta versions of products (Internet Explorer 8 for example) without having to worry about what will happen to my machine.  I’m off to go find some new cool Beta or earlier programs to install.

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  1. Kris Krause says:

    Tom, what are your machine specs?  Thanks.

  2. Phil White says:

    If it only worked on all hardware.  Unless you have a processor and motherboard that support Hyper V, your out of luck.  Hopefully Microsoft will continue to support Virtual Server R2.  

  3. Rob S says:

    Welcome to the world that those of us who use VMWare have been living in for a while.

  4. Tim says:

    We’ve been using Hyper-V for a bit.  Great for being able to set up and regularly archive your development workstation images.

    The only problem we’ve experienced is "stuck cursors" where the icon for the mouse cursor somehow gets senile and sticks to something random like the i-beam or a simple dot.  Only a full reboot seems to help.

  5. Kris,

    For my machine specs, take a look at:


    And check the comments for the actual machine.

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