Windows Internal Beta Exam 70-660

I wanted to pass along some really exciting news if you haven’t heard about it yet, we are getting ready to release a new certification that targets developers and IT professionals who need to know about the internals of Windows for their job.  You can read all about the exam and how to register for it on Windows Internals Beta Exam 70-660.

This is a very exciting exam and it applies to a lot of different people and can be very useful and prove that you know Windows inside out.

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  2. Francois Ward says:

    Hi, I think I have a air head moment, but I’ve looked at that link before, and reading it again, I’m still a bit confused…

    That looks like an invite, BUT usually beta exams are invite only (that is, by email or something like that)… but that one looks more public, yet there’s a regional restriction that makes it look only available in 3 countries… BUT then there’s info about north american registration.

    In other words, I’m totally confused. Could you “debug” this one for me please? 🙂

  3. Francois,

    It can be taken world wide with the exception of where they mentioned on that post.

  4. André Nobre says:


    do you have any documentation about this exam? I´ll do it on 5 agust, but I really don´t know if the Windows Internals book (4th ed) and some blogs are enough.


  5. Andre,

    The best place to go is to the blog.  They have all the latest information about the exam.

  6. Microsoft Bob says:

    I passed this exam yesterday and it’s among the most difficult Microsoft exams I’ve ever taken. If you’ve never used the debugging tools, or have only used them once or twice I would predict a low chance of success. Read the Windows Internals books, then crack as many crash dumps as humanly possible. Then, if it’s still incredibly important to you, take a shot at the exam.

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