How do you Troubleshoot ASP.NET problems?

I’d love to hear how people go about digging into various problems.  I have heard of people using logging or tracing like log4net to allow some tracing, but what about other problems which that can’t help with? So here are the topics I’d like to hear from you about and how you handle them.  Feel free to add others if you’d like:

  • High Memory
  • Slow performance
  • Deadlock
  • Loss of session

I look forward to hearing how you go about tracking these down.  And I’d really like to hear about these problems in a production environment but development works as well.

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  2. JV says:

    * Slow performance

    > The stopwatch class in System.Diagnostics (If I’m correct) is great for timing performance, especially in combination with log4net it works like a charm.

  3. Ramesh says:

    For Deadlock – With the help of DBA (Since i dont have access to prod to get the blocking statement), i got the query which caused the blocking, i dig down my application and found that improper transaction handling cause this issue.

  4. radhai says:

    The header file path name.mdf is not valid db file header,

    the file size property is in correct.

    An attampt to attach an auto named db for file path is failed.A db with the same name exists,or specified file cannot be opened ,or it is located on UNC share

  5. Radhai,

    That isn’t really what I was looking for on this post, this is about how you go about troubleshooting things, not to list a problem.  Check if the file exists and you have permission to write to the folder.  That is usually the problem.  You can run filemon to check for that.

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